Bella Claus & Jack Frost

Its been a long time since the guardians defeated Pitch Black. Santa has a daughter nobody talked about and she is helping on this adventure with her tinkering abilities while hanging out with Jack Frost.


8. First meeting Jack

 A/N: Ok this chapter is a flashback and thanks for all the favorites. 


Bella woke up as she heard music in the globe room. "What the heck?" 

Bella came in and saw that they were having a Guardian ceremony. She only saw the back of the new Guardian. He was wearing a blue hoodie and wierd jeans. He was wearing no shoes and had hair as white as snow. Bella walked quietly behind the globe. 

"Why do you think I want to be a Guardian?" The figure asked. 

Her father laughed and shut his book. "It's not really a choice Jack. Music!"

A elf started to play a trumpet and Jack hit the floor with the bottom of his staff and there was ice. 

"No music!" Jack yelled. "You've made a mistake. I'm not a guardian."

"That's exactly what I said." Bunny said. 

"The man in the moon said you were." Tooth said. "These lights. Represent children. Children that believe in us."

"Good or bad, naughty or nice. We protect them." North said. 

"Bella come out." Tooth said. 

"I knew I'd be found." Bella said. So she walked around and saw the new Guardian. "Jack Frost. Nice to finally meet you."

"Who are you?" Jack asked. 

"Bella. Bella Claus."

"I didn't know you had a daughter North." Jack said. 

"You would've met her tommorow." 

"Well I'll be going." Bella said. 

"Ok. I was going to talk to Jack alone anyway." North said. 


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