Bella Claus & Jack Frost

Its been a long time since the guardians defeated Pitch Black. Santa has a daughter nobody talked about and she is helping on this adventure with her tinkering abilities while hanging out with Jack Frost.


3. Blueprints & Jamie

Bella and her father were in the globe room working on things when Jack came in. 

"What ya doin?" Jack asked. 

Bella showed him a blueprint of a security device. "Trying to figure out how to make this."

"Looks Complicated." He replied. 

"It is even I can't figure it out." North said. 

"Dad. I'm going outside. Jack will be with me."

Jack and Bella went outside and they got in the air. "Want me to show you the way?" Jack asked. 

"Yeah." Bella said. Her rocket boots were working just like she wanted them to. 

Jack whispered, "Wind take me home." And he was flying towards a little town. 


  When Jack and Bella landed they were by a house and Jack and Bella could hear a little girl laughing and playing with a greyhound. Then a boy with brown hair and eyes came out and bumped into Bella. 

"Oh I'm so sorry." He said turning. Then he saw Jack. "Jack!" 

"Hey Jamie. I want you to meet a friend of mine." Jack said. 

Jack gestured his hand to Bella and Jamie looked at her. 

"Hi. I'm Jamie Bennett. What's your name."

"I'm Bella, Bella Claus." Bella said. 

"Your dad is Santa?" 

"Yep. I made these boots myself." 

Jamie wondered why they were so special. Then Bella showed him how and flew up a little. 



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