Says The Guy With The Stripes

*Louis Tomlinson Love Story*
Melanie James, 19. Photographer of the Celebs, naturally. Socially awkward... to herself. Never thought she'd meet the one. Wasn't she wrong, to think she'd die alone, poor, old maid? Almost the opposite, thanks to an appointment with 5 boys her boss had booked. Melanie was supposed to be somewhere else on that day, same time. A totally different country. Was it destiny, or just plain luck? Simply the fate, from the odds...


3. Chapter 3

The group shots actually went really well.

The boys are amazing, so nice and funny all the time, and cooperated surprisingly well for teenage boys.

Except for Louis. God, he just wouldn't shut up. He kept talking about Kevin(WHAT?!) and Superman, saying how he's gonna see both of them someday, and marry Kevin and have little baby pigeons. I was like, Kay, dude, I am OFFICIALLY putting you into the WACKO category. Puh-lease.

"Lets do individual shots in about 10 minutes, after a break. You can get food, and all that. On a table over there. I'll be in my office if you need me." I set my camera down on it's stand and went to the front desk. Yasmine was sitting cross-legged in her swivel chair, with an open magazine in her lap and a sly smile on her face while looking up at me.

"You just think you're so cool, don't you," I sassed her, grinning. She laughed.


"Mel, please. How do you feel, girl? You overwhelmed, or just plain irritated?" I raised my eyebrows in mock innocence.


"Why, how'd you know, Yas?" I said sarcastically. She lifted her head and laughed out loud.


"HA! Mel, I knew them from the START. Since day 1, I was a Directioner. Not so much now, but, still. I know-erm, knew- my boys." She sighed and showed me her background of her iPhone- One Direction, X-Factor. Then her lock screen was a Keep Calm and Love One Direction poster.

"I REALLY have to change it sometime... Rob's getting kinda annoyed. But whatever." I sighed too.


"Well. I think I'm gonna go think things over in my office. I'm exhausted." I stumbled into my office and retrieved a chilled Diet Coke can from the mini-fridge plugged in near my sofa in the back. I popped it open and drained it all in one swig.

My mind automatically went to Louis. Why? I don't really know. But it did.

Those blue-ish green eyes... kind of like the ocean, just aqua... aquatic...


Geez! You don't know the guy! For ALL you know, he's mental and can NEVER be cured!

I slammed my head on the desk. The last major feels I had was for Taylor Lautner, but now that Twilight's ended I don't care much anymore.


"Melanie? Is this your office?" A husky voice called. I lifted my head and blinked.


"Huh? Yeah, come on in." Harry entered the room, looking around.


"Cool. It sure is... Black." I shrugged.

"Well, listen, I just wanted to tell you that we're ready. For the next shoot. So... yeah..." He smiled and waved, then left.

I stood up, tossed my empty can in the trash, and left.

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