Says The Guy With The Stripes

*Louis Tomlinson Love Story*
Melanie James, 19. Photographer of the Celebs, naturally. Socially awkward... to herself. Never thought she'd meet the one. Wasn't she wrong, to think she'd die alone, poor, old maid? Almost the opposite, thanks to an appointment with 5 boys her boss had booked. Melanie was supposed to be somewhere else on that day, same time. A totally different country. Was it destiny, or just plain luck? Simply the fate, from the odds...


2. Chapter 2

Around 5:45pm, I headed back to my apartment.


As I unlocked the door, I heard barking and nails clicking on tile. I opened the door, and was almost trampled by 3 dogs.


"Hey Ollie... Dukie...  Jessie..." Their real names were Oliver, Duke and Jess. Oliver was a Golden Retriever, Duke was a Siberian Husky and Jess was a Boston Terrier. I love dogs. Its awesome that I'm allowed animals in my apartment.

I set my bag down on the sofa before heading into my small kitchen area to feed the dogs.


"There ya go, boys. And Jess." I smiled and went into my bedroom to change into sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Then sat on the couch after putting Pitch Perfect, my favorite movie, into the Blu-Ray player.

Jess finished eating first, then padded his way into the living area and onto my lap. I smiled, and watched the TV as the previews came on. A few minutes after Jess finished, Duke did, and then Ollie. I laughed when they all tried to get up on my lap, but in the end, Jess was the only one to get to stay, and Duke and Ollie took up the rest of the couch.


I didn't really pay much attention to the movie, I just thought about what my mother would say. About the time that Beca was watching the movie with her laptop, I had paused it and gotten my phone. I took a deep breath before dialing my mother's number.


"Hello?" I took a deep breath before speaking.


"Hey, Mom, its Melanie. I have some... news."




"Okay, so... I'm not going to make it for your birthday. I'm really sorry... But my boss is making me stay for a giant gig... I just can't slip away." 




"Um... You're not upset?"


"Nah. I'm gonna have a lot more birthdays, Mel. I'm not that old." I laughed.


"Yeah. Thanks for understanding mom."


"No problem! Love you Mel!"


"Love you too, Mom. Bye."


"Talk to you later!" I ended the call, then let out a reliefed sigh. She wasn't upset. That is good.


I pressed play on the movie, and watched the rest of it, snuggling up to my doggies.


*Next Friday*


My alarm clock woke me up, as usual, at 7:30 am. I got up and showered, then changed into a pink shirt that said 'Free Hugs', some denim shorts and black toms, before scrunching my hair into ringlets. I applied mascara, silver eyeshadow, and some lipgloss, then fed my dogs. I locked the front door behind me.

During the ride to the photography studio, I lip-sung to the radio and danced, causing people from other cars to stare at stoplights. Meh, its not like they'll ever see me again, right?


I grabbed my bag, locked my car and hurried inside of the white building.


"Morning Melanie. You're here early. The appointment isn't until 10:30." Yasmine, who was better, smiled from her seat at the front desk. I smiled back.


"Morning Yas. Yeah, I know, but I want to be ready. Just an hour and a half until they get here!" Yasmine nodded.


"Welp, wanna get some breakfast with me at Starbucks until 9:45?" I nodded, then dashed into my office to set my bag down, but kept my phone and purse with me. Yasmine had her phone in the back pocket of her skinny jeans, and her purse slung around her shoulder. We walked out of the office and chatted on our way to Starbucks.

When we got there, I ordered a vanilla scone and vanilla bean mocha frappichino. Yasmine got her stuff, then joined me at a table.


"So, how's you and Rob?" I asked about her and her boyfriend, Robert Grace. She blushed before speaking.


"We're great! He's in Australia, visiting his mum, for her birthday. It was yesterday, and he should be back around 5 today. I'm pretty excited. I missed him, the week he was gone..." She trailed off, and started staring into space. I smiled.


"D'aww, I wish I was like you two! But like THAT'S gonna happen..." Yasmine rolled her eyes as I laughed.

After about another hour of talking, we decided to head back. I just got into my office and my computer started up before Yasmine texted me.


They're here!!


They are?


Yepp!! Eeeek! You ready?


Yeah... Just about...


I rushed into the shot room to set up my camera REEEAAAALLLYYY fast. I texted Yasmine when I was ready.


Okay. Bring 'em in, Yas.


Gotcha!! :))


I was turning the camera on when they walked in.

5 boys about my age, talking loudly, all in my accent except for an Irish accent. I love Irish accents.


"Morning, love!" A boy with curls smiled and winked at me. They were all silent after he said that.


"Huzzah, boys. Good day so far?" I smiled at them. They nodded. I nodded back, grinning.

"Good! Can I get your names?"


"I'm Harry. Thats Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis." I smiled and waved.


"Hi, I'm Melanie! Mel, if you prefer that! This better be a good appointment, because I'm supposed to be in the States right now, for my mum's birthday. But I stayed, because I had a giant gig. So, lets go."

I began to tell the boys their first positions.

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