Says The Guy With The Stripes

*Louis Tomlinson Love Story*
Melanie James, 19. Photographer of the Celebs, naturally. Socially awkward... to herself. Never thought she'd meet the one. Wasn't she wrong, to think she'd die alone, poor, old maid? Almost the opposite, thanks to an appointment with 5 boys her boss had booked. Melanie was supposed to be somewhere else on that day, same time. A totally different country. Was it destiny, or just plain luck? Simply the fate, from the odds...


1. Chapter 1

Can I just say...

I am really hating my boss at the moment.


"Melanie, I have got a HUGE gig for you!" She squealed one day, walking into my office, where I was texting my friend on my iPhone 5. I raised my eyebrows without looking up,  and continued to type. Most of the "HUGE" gigs for me were with little stars, like Christina Grimmie, but nonetheless stars.

"On next Friday-" I put my phone down.


"Woah, woah, woah! Danielle, next Friday I'm flying into the States to visit my mother for her birthday! Remember?" I asked her. Danielle's eyes got wide.


"Crap! You are so right! Ugh, please, Melanie, you are the best photographer we have right now, and this is GIANT! Our photo industry could be known to the CONTINENT if this goes well!" She started hyperventilating. 


"Geez, Danielle, calm down. Tell me the gig. I'll have to think it over, but it better be pretty damn important if I'm gonna miss my mother's 40th birthday." Danielle chilled and spoke again.


"Okay. One Direction. Worldwide boy band. Originated from the X-Factor, yeah? C'mon, babe, please!" She pleaded. I rolled my eyes.


"If I say yes, do I get a bigger Christmas bonus?" Danielle nodded enthusiastically. I sighed.

"I guess so." What surprised me is when Dani screamed.


"Danielle, are you alright?!" My co-worker, Haley, ran in, and saw Danielle grinning from ear-to-ear.


"HALEY, SHE SAID YES! MELANIE'S GONNA DO THE GIG!" Dani shrieked, and Haley laughed.


"Really? Great, Mel! Thanks!!! OhmahGod, this will be HUGE!" Haley whipped her phone out and started texting, probably Yasmine, our other co-worker, who was out sick. I sighed and rested my head on my desk. 

What did I just agree to?!

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