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Her brother, Josh Devine. Her crush, his best friend. Follow these kids as they experience love and many other challenges.

"You can't chose your family." They said.

"Yay" I replied, voice full of sarcasm.


1. This is my life

Im Aveda Devine, my brother is Josh Devine. Im 16 and I love One Direction. Today is the first time I actually get to meet the guys mainly because my brother is very protective, me being his only sister and all.

He’s a little bit afraid that one of the guys might flirt with me, we’ll become a couple, and then break my heart. 

Even though I don’t know them personally, (yet) since I am a huge fan. I know enough that they aren’t the kind of guys to break a girl’s heart, especially one of their best friend’s sister.

My parents moved away a while ago to the States, but I didn’t want to leave my friends and my hometown. Josh was already out of the house by then so my parents asked if him if he could take care of me until Im old enough to move out and get a place on my own. Since then, I’ve been babied more by Josh than my parents. I understand it a little, Im his only responsibility our parents left him with. So he’s gonna do anything he can to keep me safe and happy.

Every time he had a concert with the guys, I had to stay home and be bored while he was having a time of his life. 

He knows Im a fan but he hasn’t seen my room and my 62 (and possibly a lot more) posters I have of the guys. He hasn’t been in my room ever therefore, he doesn’t know about it. I plan that he doesn’t so he can’t talk about me with the guys like Im a crazy stalker girl. I really wouldn’t want that to happen.

I have green eyes, glasses, and brown hair. Make that curly brown hair that goes to the top of my belly. I usually wear my air up, but I look weird so I have been trying to wear my hair down more often.

Ok, so Im going to a beach/bonfire thing with my brother. The guys have one almost every week, but I never go because of Josh. He would always be talking about me (I don’t know why) in front of the guys for so long the guys just told him to bring me to this bonfire tonight. 

I got on a zebra bikini and put a skirt on over the bottoms. I put on a cover up, I probably wasn’t gonna go in the water anyways. But just in the case the guys tried to pull a prank on me (it wouldn’t surprise me) I made sure I was ready to be drenched with water.

I grabbed my towel, my ray bans, and put on my flip flops. 

I walked into the living room to see Josh waiting for me to get ready, on the couch and on his phone. He heard my footsteps and quickly looked up from his phone. My bathing suit was colorful so you see the colors from the cover up.

“No, you are not wearing that to the beach with hormone-filled boys everywhere you turn.” He said with a stern look and voice.

"What’s wrong with it?” I asked looking at my outfit, my bathing suit was still a little big on me. I knew he said that because he doesn’t want me to wear bikinis because guys would flirt with me or check me out. 

I quickly went upstairs and got into a blue tankini instead with beach shorts. I didn’t need a cover up this time. I got all of my stuff (again) and walked back in the living room. 

He was waiting by the door twirling his keys around his fingers and opened the house door when he saw me. 
The entire car ride lasted about 5 minutes being as we were very close to the beach. The entire time Josh was driving he was nagging on and on about how to be careful with the guys because 2, 3, and 4 years older than me. I just nodded my head as if I was paying attention when really, I was in my own world.

What if none of the guys liked me? What if they thought I was strange, weird, or unattractive? I thought, as my side of the car door opened, I came back into reality.

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