suicide (*One Direction*)

Morgan, a teen who life is messed up, she attempts suicide but it fails and dose she find love in the proses ?
hey btw this Morgan character is practically based on me but older, and I have never attempted suicide or ever thought of it I love my life and I have never been through what this Morgan has been through . ohhh yeah in my book it saiz that its by mojo1033 I changed my user name and I cant change it. I will try to change it !!! xxx



2. On the bridge

I soon got to the Erskine bridge and walked so I was above the water.

I took a deep breath and ignored the cars passing by and I looked out onto the water.

Scotland is such a nice place especially in the highlands, I remember one day, my dad took me up to the highlands when I was like 11 it was so nice up there.

I took another deep breath and started to climb over the railings. I closed my eyes and took more deep breaths I was just about to let go when I heard shouting and then somebody grabbed my arms and pulled me back through the railings.

I was sat on the cold, moist ground with my eyes closed wishing I was dead.

I opened my eyes to see five boys standing over me with worried looks.

"what?" I asked.

"what! what! you were gonna commit suicide !" some boy said, I think his name was Liam because another boy was trying to calm him down. I just looked at them.

"yeh I was, why do you care its not any of your business" I said back to them.

"It may not be but why do you want to jump anyway?" an blond haired Irish boy said.

I broke down there in tears.

"anyway my name is Zayn, this is Harry, this is Niall, he is Liam and THAT over there is Louis. nice to meet you, what's your name ?"

I think Zayn said. I smiled and said; "hi my name is Morgan. "

" aww what a lovely name for a lovely lady " Harry said, I just looked at him without a smile on my lips.

"do you have anywhere to go ?" Louis asked.

I shook my head and said; "not unless a pile of shit counts" I said back letting another tear roll down my cheek

"awww, now, do you want to spend the night at our house?" Liam said to me. I didn't want to pester them but I don't want to sleep on the streets today.

"can I, I don't want to bother you." I mumbled

"no its fine, come on, but we have to walk half way" Louis said  so I got up and wiped my cheeks and followed, I think they were staying, One Devonshire gardens ( A/N whoop whoop if you know where that is !) and I walked beside Louis at the back, he was actually quite cute.



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