suicide (*One Direction*)

Morgan, a teen who life is messed up, she attempts suicide but it fails and dose she find love in the proses ?
hey btw this Morgan character is practically based on me but older, and I have never attempted suicide or ever thought of it I love my life and I have never been through what this Morgan has been through . ohhh yeah in my book it saiz that its by mojo1033 I changed my user name and I cant change it. I will try to change it !!! xxx



3. Meeting someone new

we got a car half way then we had to walk the rest of the way We eventually got to the hotel and as my feet were starting to hurt. the hotel looked really fancy. I had seen the boy's faces before, but where. the posters !

it just clicked. the fancy hotel. the screaming fans. they were One Direction !

I walked through the doors of the hotel, "WOOOOOW!!" I said a bit to loud. the hotel lobby had a really nice cream carpet and the walls were baize and the doors and furniture and everything in-between were brown. it looked soo fancy there was one or two business people walking by.

"you like ?" Louis asked

"Naww its a piece of crap, my shit hole is way better" I said sarcastically. as I finished saying that a girl next to Niall giggled.

I turned to look at her, she had chocolate brown eyes, light dark brown hair with the ends dip dyed bright pink (A/N if that makes sense?!)

she was quite short, but I cant say anything I am a freekin' skyscraper and every one is short to me. but this girl was about 5.4 and she was really pretty. she had on black skinny jeans, a rolling stones top and red converse with her hair in light curls topped with a black zipper, natural make-up and a couple of bracelets and a necklace on top. it is a really nice outfit.

"oh Morgan this is Erin, Erin, Morgan. " Niall said. I smiled and hoped that she was nice because every one of my so called 'friends' ditched me and I had no friends since I was 13 YIPPEE !!

"hi Erin by the way I love your hair" I said, Erin blushed at my compliment

"thanks I like you hair too, Morgan" Erin said back.

"thanks, I hate my hair " I said back, but I do actually hate my hair a bit.

"LADIES, LADIES, THATS ENOUGH GOSSIPING WITHOUT ME !!! lets  go up to the  room and I can join you two and you two can fill me I on what I have missed !" Louis said. me and Erin just laughed at Louis statement.

me and Erin walked up the stairs taking, while Louis was listening and making a statement now and then. Erin was supposedly Niall's girlfriend to Louis but Erin just said they were close friends. I also found out that Erin was from Clydebank..... SO WAS I !!!!!

I was going to sleep in Erin's room with Erin, there was a pull-out bed and that was the comfiest thing I remember sitting on .

I had my backpack and that was practically my room because I always had to carry it about or my mum would steal it and never give me it back. I don't have a lot of clothes I have about 2 outfits with 2 other tops to change it a bit and a pair of pj's. I got my pj's on they were pink tartan cotton bottoms with a long sleeved pink cotton top.   and fell asleep strait away and the bed was so comfy.




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