suicide (*One Direction*)

Morgan, a teen who life is messed up, she attempts suicide but it fails and dose she find love in the proses ?
hey btw this Morgan character is practically based on me but older, and I have never attempted suicide or ever thought of it I love my life and I have never been through what this Morgan has been through . ohhh yeah in my book it saiz that its by mojo1033 I changed my user name and I cant change it. I will try to change it !!! xxx



4. I AM AWAKE !!!



I was in the middle of a nice and happy dream.... until............... I felt some one jump on me and I hear screaming....

"WAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUP !!!!!!" is all I heard. I felt something else on me and I can hear another voice.

"MORGAN WAKE UP WAKE UP !!!!!!!!" I heard a girly  voice say all I wanted to do is crawl under the covers and go to sleep BUT NOOOO !!!

I opened my eyes to two people standing above me on my bed-sorry on top of me ! it was Erin and Louis- of course !

I groaned really loudly, I shoved my head under the pillow. " CAN I JUST SLEEP THIS IS SOOOOOO COMFY AND I AM SOOOO  TIRED !" I groaned from under my pillow.

"NO because we are going shopping !" Erin said to me prying the pillow from my face. I still kept my eyes closed.

"well go without me, I haven't got any money " I said back to them not opening my eyes

"well we'll by you stuff" Louis said. I really didn't like people buying me or giving me stuff unless it was Christmas or my birthday or something like that. "no I am charity case " I said, I just wanted to sleep !!!! is that so wrong?!

"I don't care you don't need to come you can stay here at least get up!" Louis said

"only in one condition.... you make me breakfast and...and...... I get to punch you in the face" I really did mean the breakfast part but not the punch you in the face part.

"Okay just get up "

 "someone's demanding " I said sarcastically  I opened my eyes and sat up and got out of bed. Louis left to go and make breakfast. I was talking to Erin as we walked to the living room. I saw the rest of the boys catting to each other. I came and sat on the couch my head on Zayn's shoulder. I must have drifted off into sleep because I heard the front door close and then talking. I opened my eyes slowly to Zayn shaking me gently to awaken from my sleep. I was still on Zayn's shoulder, I then sat up and mmmm........ I could smell a fry-up, I haven't had one in ages.

 I felt like I was going to be sick. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door and was sick. I was normally always sick every day because I don't get a lot of food and I am really cold all the time and of de-hydration. I was lucky enough to go to school because it is free but I need a school uniform my dad got me it but then my dad died and that's when my mum went on drugs and that's all she spends her money on. I was luck enough to get a job, a low paying one but I got the uniforms myself and used the rest of the money on food, but then word got out in school and at work that my mum abused me and took drugs so I got fired because they thought I was going to start taking drugs and go lonney on them. once I was finished being sick I washed my hands and swished water in my mouth and went back to the living room of the hotel room we were staying at. "are you okay Morgan?" Liam asked looking at me concerned. "yeh I am fine why?" I asked back now I have got everyone's attention.

"because your shaking and you were just sick" Liam said coming closer to me. I was shaking.

"no I am fine" I said back. I ran to the bathroom to be sick again. I locked the door and done the same as last time. I came out and I was still shaking. "okay are you really okay you seem a little pale" Liam said to me as I walked into the living room of the hotel room we were staying in.

"yeh, honestly I'm f-f-f-fine " I finished those last words and collapsed on the floor and all I could see was blackness.








~~~MORGAN x = )

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