suicide (*One Direction*)

Morgan, a teen who life is messed up, she attempts suicide but it fails and dose she find love in the proses ?
hey btw this Morgan character is practically based on me but older, and I have never attempted suicide or ever thought of it I love my life and I have never been through what this Morgan has been through . ohhh yeah in my book it saiz that its by mojo1033 I changed my user name and I cant change it. I will try to change it !!! xxx



5. HE HE !


I was talking to Harry then I hear a thump. I look in the direction of the door and I Liam on the ground beside..... Morgan?

Every one's attention goes to Morgan and we all rush towards her. Zayn is calling an ambulance, Liam is checking Morgan, Harry is telling Louis what happened to Morgan and Niall is..... WAIT where is Niall ?

I get up and go to Niall's room to see him sleeping ?I wake him up and tell him what had happened.

the paramedics came and took Morgan.

they said that Morgan would be in the Western Infirmary  it was about 20 minutes from here .

we all got in the car and headed to the hospital. we all were in our pyjamas HA ! Louis was in super man pyjamas ! it would be funny because we would turn up at a hospital in pyjamas! I had cute bunny slippers on ! there sooo cute and fwuffy !!!





We got to the hospital and we had to wait in the waiting room. The waiting room had cream walls that were discoloured into a pale yellowy colour, with dark blue carpets, and chairs there was a little cream coffee table with old magazines. there was a tall green plant in the corner, It looed fake to be honest, it was in a big cream plant pot  . Since I did not get a lot of sleep last night; I rested my head on Niall's shoulder and he stroked my hair as I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier as I drifted into sleep.





sorry this is just a filler if I put the next thing I am doing in the story the chapter will be HUGE I think ?

will post it as soon as I can x

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