suicide (*One Direction*)

Morgan, a teen who life is messed up, she attempts suicide but it fails and dose she find love in the proses ?
hey btw this Morgan character is practically based on me but older, and I have never attempted suicide or ever thought of it I love my life and I have never been through what this Morgan has been through . ohhh yeah in my book it saiz that its by mojo1033 I changed my user name and I cant change it. I will try to change it !!! xxx



6. Bright light



Am I awake ?

I don't know.

Am I alive ?

I don't know.

Am I dead ?

I don't know.

I could hear..... people moving about and talking but I cant make out who and what they are saying. I can also hear crying ?

I look about in the darkness and there is a bright light. My eyes try to adjust to the searing light blinding my eyes. I walk towards the light and I come to a door ?

I open the door to reveal a man standing there.

I am soooo confused right now!

the man spoke; "you have sinned in life, but I will give you another chance to redeem yourself..." I his voice was soft and caring, I couldn't see this man's face.

I tried to fix this puzzle together, but I cant.

The man came closer, he was wearing a white cloth robe, it looked like it was old.

by now this man has placed his arm around me guiding me to walk up a golden stair way, I followed him.

I opened my mouth to say something but I cant say anything, I just want to scream at the top of my lungs but I cant.

"where am I ?.... who are you ?" I finally got out. now we both stopped walking and stood in front of large golden gates.

"well you are going to the land of joys, and I died for you and your loved ones" the man said, I still couldn't see his face. it all made sense, I and going to heaven and the man is Jesus.....




ha ha I know this chapter is short too but I thought to leave it as a cliff hanger....

DUN DUN DUUNNNN ..............

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