The Life Cycle Of A star

A Harry Potter one shot thing. Marauders Era - James and Lily.

She is an enigma, Light and Dark, Hard and Soft, Sweet and Sour, Rough and Smooth all rolled into one. She is everything you hate and everything you can't live without. And when you think of her, you think of the life cycle of a star. . .


2. Paralyzed.

And there she is again, strolling down the corridor towards you. Her twinkling laugh could make even the Devil himself smile. You'd swear it.

Her head snapped behind her, her hair trailing after, sending a sent of Jasmine, Dusty library and something you could only class as Fire in a wave down the hall way towards you, You inhale deeply and you know for a fact that one day you'll wake up with that sent on your sheets and that girl lying next to you. Not today and not next week. But someday.

She's turned back towards you now, Her delicate foot steps making no sound on the stone floor, She's closer now, You can just see the colour of her eyes, Brighter than dewy grass on a spring day and shiner than any jewel.

She's next to you know, her tiny, Porcelain hand is gently tucking a strand of her golden hair behind her ear. She's gazing at the ground as she passes, almost shyly. From this angle you could count every tiny freckle on the bridge of her nose. If you so wished.

You see her rosy lips move, making sounds and words for you but you can't hear them. You're too stunned, your hearts beating to fast to count, all you can hear is the Thump, Thump, Thump of blood rushing past your ears, your hands shaking slightly but other than that you're an un-able to move. Locked inside your own head, a prisoner in a mind, of thoughts that contain only her. And then she's gone, leaving you dazed and stunned.

James Potter is paralyzed.

And glad.

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