An Indescribable Affair

"I'm torn between my family and you..." Harry said as he cradled his head in his hands and cried. He never cried, he couldn't even remember the last time he cried like this. Last time he cried like this, it was probably when his dad told him he was leaving, Harry was 7, he was now 23 and torn between his family and 19 year old Rene'e. Things were getting so complicated and this thing they had, it was never suppose to go this far. It was meant to be just a hook up and feelings got in the way.


1. A Hook Up?


My name is Renee, I'm 19 and I am 5'3 and 106 pounds. I graduated high school a little over a year ago and I am working on getting in college, but I haven't really looked into it that much. I am single as of right now, I don't really date. I save myself from the risk of getting hurt. Plus, I think relationships are overrated. They are all about who's got the upper hand and not about loving each other. So I just don't do it. I mean, I'm right, right?



My name is Harry and I am 23. I am 6'3 and 160 pounds. I worked in a bakery, just for now. I have a wife and a daughter. Rebecca and Darcy. Rebecca and I have been married since we were 19 , but honestly, things between us have been...not the best. I'm not attracted to her at all anymore. She hasn't tried in over two years. I haven't said anything because I don't want to hurt her feelings. I'm not sure what to do anymore.




I got ready for this party my friend Eleanor was throwing, I really didn't want to go when she first called and asked me, but there was going to be alcohol, that's pretty much where she got me at. I needed something to do anyway, being by yourself all the time is not fun. EIeanor was going to get married soon to a guy named Louis. He was real nice and everything, but since he proposed to her we haven't hung out. We used to be inseparable. But it's alright, I am going to be her Maid of Honor in the wedding. Which made me even more stressed out and nervous. I've never even been to a wedding before. I had to give a speech and stuff like that. I am not the speaking in front of people kind of girl. I will get through it. I walked to my closet and picked out an outfit. It was a pink button up vest thingy, it was very cute. Along with that were a pair of sparkly high waist short shorts. My shoes were a pair of white stilettos. I put my hair up in a bump up and pulled half way up. Not to brag, but I did look pretty cute. I looked at myself in the mirror before I left and smiled. I turned around and left my house

Here goes nothing...



My friend Louis's girlfriend Eleanor was throwing a party tonight at her house. It was supposed to be total blast, and tons of people were supposed to be there. Louis knew my situation and he was trying to get me to just leave Rebecca, but I wasn't very thrilled about that idea. I didn't want Darcy to become a child of divorce. I was, I still remember that pain I was left with all those years. I felt alone and like it was my fault. I felt as if, though I was the youngest, I had to protect my sister Gemma and my mum after my dad left. I couldn't let Darcy go through that. That's not something she deserves to experience. I got dressed up in my white v neck, blazer and skinny jeans.

"Rebecca?" I called out. Rebecca came around the corner with Darcy in her arms. I smiled as I saw Darcy sucking on her little thumb. "Yeah?" her voice was tired, you could tell. "You know where my converse are?" she looked over the stair railing. "Down by the door." By this point she was rocking Darcy to sleep and whispering. "You going somewhere?" I nodded "Louis and Eleanor's. They just want me to come over and help them with their wedding plans. Since I'm the best man and all." I was hoping she'd buy that. She nodded "At 9 at night?" She questioned me. I just shrugged. "They do know you have a daughter, right?" she looked away. She looked irritated and by this point, I was, too. "Of course, they do, Rebecca!" I snapped. I was getting a little irritable because I wanted to leave. She looked at me and left. I was guessing she was mad.

I found my converse, slipped them on and left.  Finally.



"All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, better run, better run, out run my gun. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, better run, better run, faster than my bullet. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, better run, better run, out run my gun. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, better run, better run, faster than my bullet.Run- run- run- run- ru- ru- run- run- run- ru- ru- ru- run- run- run- run- ru- ru- ru- run- ru- ru- run- run."

Foster The People was playing their hit song of like Summer 2011. I remembered that song first coming out. I loved it, even though it was messed up. I drank the alcohol that was in my yellow plastic cup. I was surprised, no guys have tried to make a move on me yet. I leaned against the wall and watched everyone socialize with each other. A couple guys stared and smiled at me, but obviously didn't have the balls to come talk to me. Eleanor came up to me and tapped my shoulder. I pulled my lips away from my cup and turned my head to see her smiling her beautiful smile.

"What's up, El?" I asked turning slightly to my side to put my cup down on the table.

"Not much, you having fun?" She asked giddily. I smiled at her and how happy she was. Louis truly made her the happiest person on earth. "Of course. What have you been doing? You and Louis good?" I asked. She nodded as she clapped her hands together. "Yes, so good." She replied. Aww, she was like a little school girl in love. I swear it was the cutest thing in the world to see. "We need to find you a man, girl." She said playfully nudging my arm. "You can't hook up forever." she added on. I shrugged. "I'm okay with the way things are now, you know?" She frowned as she heard me say that.

"You need some real love, love." I sighed as she went on and on about this, she always did. "Girl, you need to find someone who's going to..." I started fading out as she went on. I looked around the room at everyone. My whole world seemed to stop when I saw a tall guy with a drink in his hand. He had a head of brown floppy curls, he wore a v neck with a blazer over it, skinny jeans and converse. My hormones went insane as he looked over at me.

Okay, scratch that. They are now on a rampage. He was taking a drink of his drink, pressing his lips to the rim, and I wished I was his cup. Never have I ever wanted to be a cup in my life. I smiled at him as my mind was screaming, 'I WANT HIM IN MY BED!' "Oh my god..." I whispered and smiled. I took a drink to hide it the best I could. I was hoping it was working.



I watched everyone dance and talk, as I stood with Louis and talked about Rebecca and how my life completely sucks right now. "If you're not happy, Haz, you gotta leave. Take Darcy with you." I looked over at him. "It don't work that way, Lou. If I left, I don't take Darcy. Rebecca is her mother, she gave birth to her, she keeps her if I left, just at least until I got custody of her. And it's not like I don't love Rebecca. I just wish she would try sometimes. Sex has taken the back burner since Darcy was born. It's been a whole 2 years, Lou." Yeah, I know, a long time for someone to go without sex. Louis had a look on his face. "Ho- how? How have you not gone to a prostitute?" He asked. I chuckled and smiled. "Because, I have more class than that, Lou."

I did, plus I didn't want to do that to Rebecca. Lou smiled and patted my back. "Well, good luck with it, Haz. I hope you make the choice that makes you happy, mate. I'll talk to you later. I have to go meet up with Niall, he's probably eaten all the nachos." He joked.

"Ok, talk to you later." I smiled and waved.

Lou left and I continued to watch everyone. Miley Cyrus 'Take Me Along' was playing and near the end of the song.

"I- I- I don't understand, why you're leaving me. I- I- I don't understand, how without you I can't breathe. Please, please don't - don't leave me here. Take my hand I plead in tears. I don't understand why you can't take me with you..." I wanted to cry as I thought of leaving Rebecca. I just wished she would try a little more. I don't know how much more I can take. I never thought that I would ever lose attraction towards her.

I took a drink, I was trying to erase my memory. All I was really worried about was my baby girl. That's all I cared about. I looked around the room as I drank my drink. I paused for a moment as I saw a very pretty girl staring at me. I checked her out, she had a nice little body. Very skinny and beautiful. Her outfit revealed a lot of skin, I kinda liked that. She kept staring at me and didn't look away. She was smiling alot at me.

Should I talk to her? She was freaking insanely gorgeous. 

She his he smile behind her cup as she took a drink, but I could clearly see it still. I think she was amazingly adorable. I made my way to her.



"'Cause I maybe be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it. Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me. Na- na- na- come on- come on- come one. I like it- like it- come onnnn- Come onnnn- come onnnn..."

"S&M" by Rhianna started playing as he walked over to me.

Oh...dear...god...did THAT song have to play as he came over over to me. I tried my hardest to fight my urges.

"S-s-s-s& m-m-m..." Oh god. Yeah, that wasn't working.

"Hi" He smiled as he greeted me. "Hello." I replied with a smile back.

"I noticed you staring at me from over there." He said with a smirk. Perfect...that's embarrassing. "Well, you're a good looking guy. You must get it a lot." I smiled cheekily as I took a drink of my drink. He nodded and his dimples appeared. I took my drink away from my mouth and expressed how much I loved his dimples. "Aww...I love your dimples!" I cooed. He chuckled and looked away. "Well, thanks beautiful." I blushed and took another drink. "I'm Harry." He said holding out his hand. "Renee." I replied shaking his hand and smiled.




2 hours later:



Before I knew it, we crashed through a door kissing each other. She was such a good kisser and so damn irresistible, I had to kiss her back. 

I felt her reach for my belt buckle and she started undoing it. I removed her top and then mine. We locked in a stare for a minute before I pushed her down and climbed on top of her as I kissed her up her stomach up to her mouth. Her lips felt so good on mine.


This was just a hook up though. That's all this is going to be.

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