Athena has just been castes in a movie...... A big movie. At the premiere Athena really becomes famous with her weird way and her own style. Who would of thought that she would meet the love her life. Certainly not Athena or her co-star or her boyfriend of 3 years. Love will always find a way.


2. Movie


Here I am Athena Mae on a set of the next big movie........ Pitch Perfect. I am so fortunate to get to play the part of Becca the STAR! I am so excited! Many people ask if really can sing or if it is all just a show. No it isn't i can really sing or I think I can. Today is our cast party and tonight is the big premiere. I had to leave the party early to get ready for the premiere. My boyfriend, Jake is coming with me for the first time. He doesn't like cameras but I got him to come just for me. I have been with Jake for 3 years now almost 4. I really do love him.

I drove home and got into the shower as I saw a note from my stylist/hairdresser Lou. 'Girl I want you to use the products I laid out for you and let your hair air dry DON'T DO ANYTHING TO IT love ya! -Lou' I laughed at the note oh Lou. I turned on the shower and used all the products Lou laid out for me making sure I read the instructions and did what they say. I was in the shower for a good hour and a half. I got out and put a robe on knowingly that I would have to put a dress on shortly. Lou soon showed up with many assistants. Lou clapped her hands with excitement "ok we only have ten hours until the premiere" with that the team went to work. They waxed me up and down my legs,eyebrow,underarms, and some places I didn't even think could be waxed. 

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