An Honest Murderer

Hate can turn the greatest people into the worst. Power corrupts.
'Hate will guide you' does contain, and will contain, some disturbing content. I won't cover it in the description, but if you are sensitive or have experienced abuse, I don't advise you to read this.
Christine is a victim who in turn, makes others her own victims as result.


5. My Thirty-Sixth



"JOHNSON! Calm down! You're only going to get yourself in trouble, friend - please, calm down!" One of the family members from another of Christine's victims, Thomas, held Johnson back. He was a large man - he could have easily overpowered Thomas but he knew going any further, going through with what he intended, would do himself no favours. He had ran at Christine upon seeing a slight of a smile appear on her face, shortly after divulging everyone on her dirty little (though arguably far from small) secret. It was too much and he failed to contain himself. He was aware of how he must be coming across, lowering himself almost to that of a murderers level. Thomas continued to comfort Johnson until he relaxed and allowed Thomas to guide him back to his seat. When sat, Johnson held his head in his heads, unsure to whether he wanted to hear more. He hadn't taken any notice of anyone around him, but he was certain no one had left the room. And neither would he, he told himself.
Christine had watched the entire thing with a rather bored expression, unabashed. Her attorney shook their heads at her in unison, and one even stood to object as did a few others, but Christine was the first to silence them.
"I have a right to the last word, and I wish to-" but she was interrupted.
"That right is only given to the innocent-"
"But I am still innocent, aren't I? I haven't been sentenced. Its your decision, all of you - to hear the truth now or never. To know how they died," her eyes grazed over the family members, "or forever be in the dark. Its your choice."
But they didn't really have a choice. Christine knew that, and so did everyone in the courtroom. Nothing like this was expected to have occurred; no one knew how to deal with it. So they sat and listened. There was nothing else to do but listen.
"Well, lets start, shall we? I'm thirty six. So... Lets start with my thirty sixth, shall we? Ah yes, Martin was his name..."
No one was able contain their horror at her harsh words; her cold, uncaring tone. But still, they listened.

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