An Honest Murderer

Hate can turn the greatest people into the worst. Power corrupts.
'Hate will guide you' does contain, and will contain, some disturbing content. I won't cover it in the description, but if you are sensitive or have experienced abuse, I don't advise you to read this.
Christine is a victim who in turn, makes others her own victims as result.


2. Decisions, Decisions


"Christine Hilton, I pronounce you guilty as charged with forty-seven counts of first degree murder..."



First assessment of insanity, a long while before sentencing 

"I don't understand. If I know what I did was wrong, I die, if I don't know what I did was wrong, I live." I mused, and the phycologist smiled.
"Ah, countless have phrased the procedure like that. The way I see it, Christine, is that those who are aware of the wrong in what they're doing can't be helped as those who are insane." 
It was my turn to smile. "How many convicts have you said that to, then?"
"A few..." He murmured, and he frowned slightly. "But you haven't been convicted of anything yet."
Yet. Yet... 
They had found me - and I doubted a release any time soon. I would be followed for the rest of my life, even if I was granted 'freedom'. It was time, wasn't it? They had only linked thirteen of the murders together, but despite the small number I was sure they would kill me anyway. So whats a few more, eh? I wanted off this wretched planet and these pigs would serve that demand.
To hell with it. I'd give them a show.
"Your faith is misplaced, sir."








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