Back For You *Coming Soon*

Together they were inseparable, but apart was another story. Broken promises leads to broken trust as Lucy shields her true self from the outside world. When and IF he comes back, will it be the same girl he fell in love with and will they be able to make it feel just like the first time?
*Liam/Harry Fanfic*


1. Prologue

                         All hope vanishes as my eyes watched the last rose shrivel up and die, the dry pedals crusted off and fell to the floor, my eyes blurred by tears. How long was to long, life was to short for me to wait around for broken promises, spoken words that would never be lived up to. We are only given today but never promised tomorrow, maybe if I would have tried harder he would have stayed, but I will never know for sure. I so badly just wanted to walk away, but my heart held on so tightly to the time we spent together more than the time we spent apart.

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