Chains of secrets

The story leads the life of 16 year old Molly who lives with her mom and younger sister, she has normal high-school life with the same normal high-school crush and of course her same high-school friends. She always walks home from school upon one day she noticed an old building still standing that had neve rbeen there before soon after noticing people started to act different. One night she planed to sneak her way wit her 2 friends into the abandoned building but she didn't realize what she was going to see and and what could never be unseen


1. Normality

There was a dark sheet of paper lying on my bed. An old advertisement for a hospital that opened up down the street. My mother never took me their, she always takes me to the Murrey's Hospital Clinic but has hardly even taken me there. She always says" Why wast money on the sick when you can take care of them at home for free" I never knew what she really meant but then again i never really quite tried to understand anything she said. I live with my little sister and my mom i ave no dad but than again i really didn't care about him. Anyways cause i'm getting way off track the hospital down the street that just opened is named "Mercy Hospital" i kinda can't blame my mom for not taking me their by the name of it. Well then i better get ready for bed before my mom comes and knocks my lights out literally,

"Molly!get up for school!" My mom yelled as she marched up the stairs and walked over to my room as she pulled the covers off my warm body.  I always scream at her to not do that but she never listens to me when i say anything, when i got o my feet she through my backpack at me and started to yell about nothing or at least anything i cared about. I hurried and ran to the bathroom trying to avoid her yell's and screams but it seemed as though they were inevitable. I turned on the water and and dropped my backpack next to the tub, my head was pounding i could still hear her. After the shower it seemed as though she calmed down a little bit but i knew it wouldn't last. Looking at myself in the mirror i realize what i look like the way i have my hair parted, i looked like my mom and a bit like my dad which made me want to take a razor and cut it out everything that reminded me of him.  I got dressed and got everything together avoiding to look in the mirror. I ran out of the door and slid around the walls hoping to sneak past my so i wouldn't have to hear her nag at me as i walked out of the door. My head was hurting and i felt terrible but i couldn't miss school. Half way down the block i saw my friend Taylor. She was beautiful with her red, curly hair and pale skin. She was wearing grey shirt with a bow right in the middle and a plaid skirt  with pink on it. "Hey you ready?" i said awaiting for the walk to school, "yeah lets go before  were late. Down the street we passed the hospital i couldn't help but not stare. A few steps forward and i ran into Taylor who was stopped dead in the center. "You ok?" i asked waiting for her to say something but she didn't say anything she just stood there. "Taylor!" i said raising my voice and for a slight second my head started to feel worse. I bent my head down and had my eyes covering as if i where trying to keep the pain contained inside me.Slowly as i raised mt head up i saw Taylor looking at me funny "your weird" she said chuckling. "Haha yeah i guess" i didn't really know what to say to her at that moment. We kept walking and finally reached school right before the bell rang and boy was i relieved. In my school everything was the same like every other high-school you got jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, ect. I was in the group of nerds even though i never wanted to admit it, although Taylor wasn't she was with the cool kids how i managed to befriend her is more of mystery then i even know but i don't try to let it bother me.

After school i caught up with Taylor for a while and talked to her as we walked home together and at that moment i had a plan"Taylor can i ask you a favor?" i said as tough i where going to have her do something she would never think of.

"Of course" she said, she always likes to do things that are daring so i figure this would be perfect"Me and you should sneak into the hospital you know the knew one tonight" as i spoke her head started to turn as though she were trying to understand but couldn't. "I think that is a good idea but why, why there?" i didn't know how to explain it to her but there was something about the hospital that was wrong people around here where acting strange. Nobody would smile as we walked past seemed like they had no emotion in them anymore usually everyone is so cheerful and happy but nobody. Kids playground where empty and no dogs were barking which would seem like heaven but when your used to it it kinda seemed like something was missing. "So i will pick you up around eight make sure you have everything ready and make sure your parents don't find out ok." i said kinda excited." Ok but what if something happens?like we get caught or that" she had a good point i hadn't thought of that. Just looking at her she knew i had everything under control. I let her go into her house so i could start walking home to and get everything i needed to like a backpack,flashlight,lighter,matches,water,paper, you get the drift.

At around seven-thirty i ran out of the house quickly yet quietly so no one would hear. As son as i got to Taylor's house i flashed the light up to her room so she would know i was there. Nobody answered so i kept flashing it, suddenly i saw her come to the window and she opened it up."Hey lets go!" i said getting her attention but she just looked at me with no emotion in her eyes"No" is all she said and shut the window. Standing there i felt cold, i kept flashing the light at her window trying to get her back to talk and it worked she came back although she wasn't the same"I said no! if you don't leave i'm going to call the police and make sure they arrest you for trespassing now leave!" she said screaming at the top of her lungs soon i could hear her parents coming up the stairs so i ran through the yard down the street where the hospital was. I closed my eyes and gathered my thoughts together and held it together, i went around back to see if there was an opening and just as i thought it was closed. I had to be daring so i went around front and kept low. No cars where passing at all so i had a chance, a chance to change everything at that moment.


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