Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


19. Zierra?

Sierra's POV

I got a call from Taylor and I answered it she asked me if I had a boyfriend. I cried at this question Kyle had just broke up with me 6 hours ago and I thought we were madly in love but obviosly I was wrong. " Hey Sie are you ok" Uh ya No i don't have a boyfriend why do you ask" I sniffled " Were you crying" ya Matt  broke up with me not even yesterday it was 6 hours ago" Oh please don't cry come to London I have court next week and I want you to be there" ok why" I left a crime scence because we wnated to get away from Brayden after Harry shot him "  Oh well I be there in 6 hours k"  KK' bye " bye sie" I got all my stuffed back and went to the airport and got my ticket and left" 

Taylor's POV

"hey HAZZA" Yeah babe" Sierra coming we have to go pick her up from the airport and she is single but not ready to mingle" OH why?" Matthew KI-son broke up with her yesterday" OH" ya" so lets go" we drove to the airport and picked up Sierra. We called all the guys over and me and Harry were in the kitchen talking about our plan to set up SIerra and Zayn all of the sudden we hear Louis yell "WHO WANTS TO PLAY TRUTH OR DARE" we walked into the living room and sat in a circle. When it was my turn to ask someone I asked Sierra " Sierra truth or dare"  UM Dare" I dare you to kiss Zayn for 1 minute and tell us if you feel sparks" she moved over to Zayn and they started leaning in.

Zayn's POV

It was Taylor's to turn to ask somebody and she asked her sister Sierra. Sierra answered with a dare and Taylor dared her to kiss me for one minute and answer to hear if she felt sparks. I thought this girl was smoken hot she had black hair with blond highlights and brown eyes she was layed back funny and she was just absoulty amazing. She came over to mean and started leaning in along which I did also. When our lips met I felt fireworks and I could tell she did too cause she started pulling me closer so I nibbled her bottom asking for entrance she teased me and denied it, so I grabbed her ass and she gasped and I then took the chance to stick my tounge in her mouth. I knew the kiss was longer than a minute long now we broke gasping for air she turned to everyone " oh yeah I felt sparks" We could tell" louis sassed I turned to her " will you like to be my girlfriend" YES" she answered I was so exited we left and went to ,my place


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