Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


7. Who are you??

Harry's POV

Her eyes started to flutter open " Taylor" I said " Who are you, where am I, Who am I,What happened??" I ran outside and got the doctor he came in and asked her if she remembered anything "no" she said kinda scared like he did a few tests and it turned out she had hit her head on the floor before I got over there. She then asked the same questions " your Taylor Jones I'm Harry Styles your boyfriend, Your at the hospital, and Your ex-boyfriend stabbed you in the leg and you hit your head on the floor" " ok then where are my parents" she asked I couldn't tell her that they died but she asked she'll be heartbroken oh well she asked I can't not tell her she'll find out at some point " they were murdered after your ex- boyfriend stabbed you in the leg. She started crying I hugged her and wiped off the tears with my thumb" hey hey don't cry do want me to bring everyone else again"  she nodded her head I walked out of the room and told them that she wanted all of us in there they all stood up, but they all sat back down she can't remember anything and don't try to make her remember anything let her think about and see if she can. with that we all walked in. 

Taylor's POV

 I tried to remember everyone but I just couldn't. Then Harry i think his name was walked in with 7 other people who I didn't know. I got scared a little then Harry saw me and came over to me and whispered in my ear " you'll be Ok there not going to hurt you there your friends. I nodded my head and smiled he stood up and started pointing  to people and telling me who they were He pointed to a short girl with dark brown hair with glasses she was wearing blue jeans and a pink polo that was Nichole Harry said. Then he pointed to a girl named Reagan she was tall with dark brown hair and she was wearing A blue t- shirt with blue jeans. then to a another girl named Paige she had dirty blonde hair and had braces and glasses she had on cheer uniform which was weird because she was the only one there with a sports uniform on . Then there was Louis he had dark brown hair and blue eyes he was holding hands with Nichole and then there was Zayn with black hair with a quiff and he had a blonde streak through the middle and hazel eyes he had a black leather jacket on, Next he pointed to Liam he had light brown hair and brown eyes he had a worried look on his face he fingers were intertwined with Reagan, lastly he pointed to a boy named Niall he had blonde hair and blue eyes he was squeezing Paige's hand. I nodded then I recited them while i pointed to them Nichole, Reagan, Paige, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall. I smiled proud of myself. Then I had a flashback of all of us at school eating lunch talking to each other. I was staring at them all and then Nichole asked if I was ok I nodded my head " I was just having a flashback of all of us eating lunch together at school." They cheered  

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