Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


2. Where am I?


                      Harry's POV

I can't believed I just kidnapped her. I look over to the side she had blacked out when I had shoved her in the passenger side seat. I was taking her to the place where Kristie and I had hung out when we needed alone time. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the room where we spent all our alone time. I grabbed the handcuffs out of my pocket and hand cuffed her to the bed. and just sat on the edge of the bed and waited for her to wake after about an hour her eyes started to flutter open

Taylor's POV

 I woke up remembering what had happened before I passed out. I looked around and noticed I was in a dark room. I looked at the edge of the bed and saw the one person I didn't want to see Harry Styles the one who had Kidnapped me. I screamed he just looked at me he turned on the lantern he looked at me with his emerald green eyes he had the saddest look on his face he just looked at me and said " I'm sorry" I just looked at him and started yelling " ALL YOU CAN DO IS SAY SORRY YOU KIDNAPPED ME AND HANDCUFFED ME TO A BED" he just looked at me started to walk over to me set my hand free and opened up the door. I looked at him and just grabbed his face and kissed him he tensed up startled at first, but then calmed down the kiss got faster and more passionate eventually i hesitantly broke gasping for air. I looked at him and said " I love you" He looked me and said " I love you to will you be the honor of being my girlfriend" I looked at him and whispered " yes of course " with that we walked out the door hand in hand and he drove me home. I got out of the car and walked inside and my parents flipped out with questions " where have you been?" " who were you with?" " What happened " I told them that i was at starbucks getting a coffee and read a book and lost track of time I wasn't with and body and i had already answered the last question with that i ran up to my room to do my homework, but i found it already finished I found a little piece of paper behind the last page said " while you were asleep I decided to do your homework text me when you find this" with that I unlocked my phone and texted him until about midnight and i fell asleep with my phone in my hand.    


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