Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


3. Telling Friends

Harry's POV


We walked into school hand in hand everyone was staring at us. She even got some death glares from some girls. I whispered into her ear " don't worry about them there just jealous" she just smiled I walked her to her locker, and her friends were at her locker waiting for her i whispered to her" hey I'm going to go get my Books out of my locker. She shook her head and i left her to talk with her friends.

Nichole's POV

"What was that all about"  I asked her " that is my new boyfriend" she smiled proudly " WOW!" Taylor said surprised. The bell rung and she went to Harry's locker and they walked to class together. I couldn't get my head around her dating a senior a hot senior even more surprisingly Harry Styles one of the most popular guys in school.

Taylor's POV

Class started and I took my seat since Harry sat right beside him all I could do was stare at him he continually stared back. We got in trouble a few times because we weren't paying attention. Finally class ended and it was almost time for lunch which was after math. In math I missed Harry and all Mr. Saxon was talking about was Area and Volume so I doodled in my notebook. Eventually it was finally lunch time I waited for Harry outside my locker I had texted him to meet me there. After about 2 minutes of waiting he showed up and we walked to lunch. When we sat down everybody was already there. Niall and Paige were in a deep conversation and Liam talking about music  Reagan. While Louis and Nichole Talked and acted like 3 year olds they were meant to be together but of course they didn't notice it.

Louis's POV

I was talking with Nichole and all of the sudden Harry and Taylor start talking to all of us about something. Then they finally said we have an announcement to make Harry stated talking over everyone Taylor looked at him and said on three 1...2...3 we're dating. Liam looked shocked as if he wanted her, but just went along with his conversation after that we headed back to class while waiting for the end of the day, and we all knew what Harry was planning to do when they went to his " secret hideout"

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