Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


11. Silent treatment

Harry's POV

I still can't believe Liam kissed Taylor. I acted like I wasn't furious with him on the phone, but I was I decided that I would just give him the silent treatment, so I wouldn't blow up on him I was going to keep my big  mouth shut. We were on our way to school Taylor and I so I asked her" you didn't feel anything when Liam kissed you did you" " NO of course not I love you and only you." thanks babe" then the rest of the car ride was silent not an awkward silence like a good silence. When we got to school I saw everyone waiting for Taylor and I. We walked up the stairs to talk to them " whats up Harry " Liam asked me I didn't respond " Hey guys whats up" I asked everyone else " good" " fine" nothing much" all the guys said " cool" Hey Harry can I talk to you alone" Liam asked me i shrugged and followed him to the bathroom " dude whats wrong" i just shrugged " is this about me kissing Taylor" I nodded my head " I told you it was a one time thing and I didn't feel anything" dude you kissed my girlfriend what would you do if I kissed Reagan" Ok you got a point there come on lets go before they get any ideas"  We walked out of the bathroom and joined the conversation everyone else was having." Then I noticed Reagan was missing I was then grabbed from behind and pulled to a small little alley by the school I had my eyes closed scared for my life and then Reagan was what I opened my eyes to then she kissed me. REAGAN!!!!! i shouted pulling her off of me. she looked ashamed of herself. she ran off I knew she felt bad of herself I could see it in her eyes I saw back at the stairs with the guys holding on to Liam. I pulled Liam aside " Uh i'm just going to say it Reagan just kissed me" WHAT!!!" Liam ran to confront her wait don't do it in private but don't break her heart please maybe she did it for the same reason you did" true ok dude but if it happens again you tell me" K now go "

Reagan's POV

  I can't believe i kissed Harry I know I shouldn't of but I liked him first but he went for Taylor. I did to see if there were any sparks there wasn't O well I still have my little lovable Liam. I saw Harry pull Liam aside I knew he was going to tell him. He was probably going to break up with me but hopefully he'll have faith in me.

A/N Hey can you guys comment and tell me how I'm doing with this. This is my first so give me some feedback

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