Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


8. Remembering part 1

Taylor's POV

After a few days I got out of the hospital, and I went home with Harry I couldn't remember if I had lived here before but I just went with it. We had stopped by my parents house and gathered all my stuff and took it to Harry's I walked in with Harry by my side and was greeted with a hug from Harry's mom. I was shocked at first,but then relaxed realizing that she wasn't going to harm me. Then she showed me up to the guest room I sat my things down and unpacked then went down to the living room as i reached the floor and then, 2 huge muscular arms wrapped around me I was scared at first and flinched. " babe its ok its just me" Harry said I relaxed and turned around " you scared the living life out of me for a second there" " I'm sorry" " its fine" " so do you want to try to do something to jog your memory " "sure" " follow me " we went out to the car and drove to an abandoned building  and walked to a room with a bed and handcuffs on the side then it all came back to me. I had met Harry in history because he was staring at me and then on my way home he kidnapped me and brought me here and had  handcuffed me to the bed I had kissed him and we had started going out. I looked at Harry with the eyes that always drew me into a trance i smiled " I remember everything" i said to him 

Harry's POV 

She stared at the room for a second and then she looked up at me and smiled " I remember everything " she said I grew a huge grin on my face " everything?"" EVERYTHING!" she yelled happily then we went home where dinner was ready I told my mum what happened she was exited to get to know Taylor and she knew this would make it easier. We sat down and ate My mum's roast which she had cooked to celebrate Taylor getting out of the hospital and coming to meet her or coming home since she would be staying with us for now.  After dinner we went up stairs to my room and called everyone and told them to meet us at the park in front of the big oak tree where we always met up for something important other than telling them at school. 

Liam's POV

We all got a call from Harry saying to meet him at the park in front of the big oak tree ( as ushall ) So we all got there and they were waiting for us when we were all there Harry and Taylor stood up Oh how I wish that they would break up I mean I loved Reagan but I had feelings for Taylor from the start but I would never tell anyone that. Harry stood up and said we have some good news we were staring at each hoping it had something to do with Taylor's memory. 


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