Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


10. LIAM!!!!!!

Taylor's POV

 I can't believe Liam kissed me Liam Payne kissed me. ME!! I'm dating Harry Styles. I didn't know if I should tell Harry and Reagan I mean I'd be ruining Laim and Reagan's  relationship and Liam and Harry's friendship. I was sitting I my room at Harry's house I still didn't fell comfortable living here. My parents funeral was Sunday they had been dead for about a week we had had to pick out two coffins and grave stones I missed them so much it wasn't even funny. I lived with Harry his mom, and his sister Gemma. I walked down stairs for dinner we were having mash potatoes, green beans, and roasted chicken. After dinner I did the dishes I pretty much did all the chores because I insisted since I was living here for free. I walked up stairs and knocked on Harry's door and " come In" i heard Harry say I walked in" whats up babe Oh wait whats wrong?" he could read me like an open book I sighed " Liam kissed me" 

Harry's POV

I heard a knock a knock at my door "come in" Taylor came in " whats up babe" I could tell it in her eyes that something was wrong " wait whats wrong?" " Liam kissed me" "when" I was trying to hold in my anger" when you were talking to the other guys and I was waiting for you at the park today" "oh" " I'm sorry " With that she walked out of my room I heard her turn on the shower i picked up the phone and called Liam" hey mate" Hey" "whats up" " I was wondering why you kissed Taylor today" " Oh about that I'm sorry i've always had feeling for her and I needed yo do it just once to see if there were any sparks" "were there" " no"" Ok good i'm sorry its just that I love her"I get it dude don't worry it won't happen again.


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