Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


24. Last Chapter

**6 years later**

Alyssa's POV

I went downstairs to see Harry cooking breakfast. " you didn't have to cook breakfast babe I would've done it". I told Harry"No you've been up with Sophia,Jessica,Lea, and Hanna all week." OK well I'm going to go get them" he nodded in return. You see Sophie,Jessie,Lea, and Hanna are our quadruplets. They are 10 months old. Well back to all our friends. Louis and Nichole are married and have a son named Jackson who's 3,Liam and Reagan are engaged,Niall and Paige are taking it slow there not engaged but they do live together

Zayn got Married to a girl named Perrie. I forgot to mention the guys are famous from the X-factor they came in 3rd place but still got signed with Syco. They are in a boy band named 'One Direction'. OK back to Zayn and Perrie, they are MArried and have 2 kids A 4 year old named Isabelle and a 2 year old baby boy named Daniel. Perrie went on the x-factor the year after zayn and the guys did she's in a band named Little mix. The guys start Tour soon and we were all going. The guys didn't want us to be alone with Babies and Little Mix will be the opening act. Even though we are not blood related we're related in the heart so all the kids have 4 uncles and 4 aunts. I love my life and I haven't told anybody expect for Harry that I'm pregnant again. If its a girl its Darcy if its a boy its Harry jr. I'm so excited I want a mini Harry he'd be adorable well My lifee did Have a happy eneding after all the crap in high school I went through


Sorry I have had horrible writers block and I can't go any farther with this book thank you for reading thank you for the support. Thank you and if you like my writing I have 2 other book you can read Thank you again Bye 


- Spencer- out  

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