Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out



Taylor's POV

" Nichole come on we're going to be late for school" I yelled up the stairs " I'm coming chill" Nichole said while running down the stairs and grabbing her bag on the way out the door.  After we left her house we walked to  Alexander B. Reese High School. After  5 minutes of walking we finally got in front of the school we walked up the plain gray stairs and walked through the hall ways and got to our lockers and grabbed our history book and walked to class as soon as we got in the classroom the bell rang and everyone took their seats. Then Mrs. Dayleson  talked about the Rinassance and then BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Through the entire class I saw someone staring at me I think his name is Harry because the teacher kept on getting on to him because he wasn't paying attention. After class i waited for him outside the door and stopped him when he walked out and said " why were you staring at me in class?" he said that thought I was beautiful" I was shocked at the thought of someone liking me nobody ever had so i ran of to find Nichole I found her at my locker and I told her what happened she said she thought someone was staring at her to but it wasn't him he was tanner and his hair was straighter. We Just thought it was a one time thing so we walked off. ** LUNCH**  I sat down at our usual table with my best friends Nichole, Reagan, and Paige. we ate for a while then some seniors started  walking over to our table and sat down it was Harry and the other guy who was staring at Nichole in history and 3 other guys. They were all good looking Harry introduced them. The one that Paige wouldn't stop staring at had blonde hair and deep blue eyes his name was Niall. The one that Reagan was staring at was Liam he had brown hair and brown eyes and the one who was staring at Nichole in history was Louis. *After School* " I almost forgot i have an emergency tennis practice" Nichole said " i'm sorry i forgot you can stay back if you want." "  Oh No its fine I'll walk" i started on my walk home after about half way their Harry pulled up behind me turned me around and put me in the passenger seat of his car he sped off the opposite way. I was to shocked I blacked out.  

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