Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


12. Get her and Her little friends

Brayden's POV

Ever since I saw her with that guy I knew I had to kill her. If I couldn't have her nobody could. I had a friend coming to visit me today since I am sentenced to life in prison with out probation. Here he comes I sat down a lifted up the phone " hey dude come on tell me what I need to do" " you need to kill that dumb ass that dating my ex-girlfriend that bitch will get what she deserves" Ok then where is she she lived on maple street but she moved in with her boyfriend his name is Harry he's good with money too" ok dude what do I get out of this" the pleasure of being on my good side in prison" Ok" with that the gaurds pulled me away " YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO KILL THAT BITCH AND ALL HER LITTLE FRIENDS ALONG WITH HER FUCKING DUMB ASS BOYFRIEND" with that I was tazered he was already gone he knew what and how to do it" 

Taylor's POV

I had a weird feeling that something bad was going to happen and soon I was worried and Harry could tell " whats wrong babe" its just that I feel something in my gut that something bad going to happen soon" don't worry nothing will hurt you if I'm here I will protect you from anything" thank you now can you sing me to sleep' sure" he song grenade by Bruno Mars I fell asleep as soon as he stop singing. ** next morning*** I woke up in Harry's arms " morning love" morn lets go eat some breakfast and go get ready for the day " ok I'm going to hop in the shower love I walked down the stairs everyone was still asleep except  for Harry and I I walked down the stairs and screamed. 

Harry's POV

I hopped in the shower and then i heard a scream it sounded like it came from Taylor I grabbed my boxers slung them on and ran down stairs. There I saw Taylor and some guy who looked like Brayden he had a gun to her head he saw me and threw her against the wall. Taylor yelled out " its Brayden's Identical twin Logan" she whimpered out I saw how hurt she was I jumped up on the stair railing and jumped over Logan and got to her held her close cause if these were our last final moments I wanted them for us to be together. He pointed the gun at us and we held each other close we  closed our eyes and she squeezed her hand for dear life.I heard a 3 gunshots and everything went black. 

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