Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


5. First Date Part 2

Harry's POV

I walked up to her and knocked. Her dad opened the door and asked me who I was I simply responded  with " I'm Harry sir" He said "ah you are the girl here to take my daughter on a date " yes sir" " ok then let me  get one thing straight if you hurt my daughter it will be the last thing you do understand?" " yes sir I have no intentions to hurt your daughter she is a beautiful girl"  and then she came down the stairs in a Purple high-Low dress she had a light layer of makeup which she didn't need and her hair was curled into light waves. when she came down stairs " you look stunning" i said " thank you you also look handsome yourself" With that I opened the door and we left 

** in the restaurants parking lot**

I walked out of my door and walked to her side and opened it for her. She blushed lightly and said" thank you" We walked into the restaurant and i walked to the podium and said reservation for " Styles" ah of course follow me. We got to our table " What to drink?" I'll have sweet tea you Taylor " make that 2 please" alright thank you I'll be back to take your orders in a moment." We were alone then she broke the silence " sorry about my dad he's a little over protective over me since I'm his only daughter" Oh no its fine he just cares about you I responded with. Then the waiter came back with our drinks and asked us what to eat I'll have the Spaghetti With a hint of garlic seasoning with cheese bread" and for the lady " uh lets see I'll have spaghetti with angel hair and garlic bread" ok I'll have them with you as soon as possible.

Taylor's POV  

 After we ate Everything was going perfect until my ex- boyfriend walked in. He saw me and walked up to me " Oh hey Taylor what are you doing here?" " I'm here on a date with my boyfriend" " oh so this is the reason you broke up with me" " NO! I broke up with you cause all you wanted me for was sex and I wasn't ready" Oh ya sure whatever" I looked over at Harry who was becoming quite angry He finally stood up and said something he couldn't hold it in anymore he was furious. " YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DOSEN' T LOVE YOU ANYMORE SHE NEVER DID." Then Brayden through a punch at Harry then Harry through a punch and it turned into a fist fight. Then I stepped in

" YOU TWO QUIT IT " they froze Harry was on top of Brayden and had his fist hanging in the air " Harry I'll be waiting in the car" Then harry ran after me " when he got to the car he apologized  i looked at him " I''m not mad at you he was always a jerk and no one has ever stood up for me like that. And It gave me bad memories of when I was together with him" " I promise I will never let anyone hurt you" he said to me. He took his thumbs and wiped away the tears and then kissed me passionately adn it lasted for a while then we stopped gasping for air then I noticed his fist brused I kissed it and then we went to a hotel and this time i Knew I was ready. We layed on the bed he slipped my dress off then I did the same with his shirt. then he unhooked my bra and he kissed me down to my stomach and got lower then i kissed him letting out a small moan and then he did the same after about an hour we both fell asleep. 

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