Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


13. Fighting the darkness

Anne's POV(Harry's MOM)

I woke up to screaming and shouting before I opened my door I heard Harry run downstairs and then yelling from two guys so I assumed one was Harry and the other one was trying to hurt Taylor. I grabbed my cell phone and called 911. They responded ameditly and then I heard 3 gunshots and I knew this wasn't good I walked down stairs and saw 3 bodies. 1 the police shot he had a gun beside him I believed that was the other person trying to hurt Taylor, and the other 2 bodies he had shot one was my son and the other one was the girl that my son loved and was the daughter that I never had. Gemma had always ignored me and would never do anything to help. I felt my knees get weak as they carried Harry and Taylor to the ambulance I fell to my knees and cried my heart out. Then after I became stable I went upstairs to Harry's room and grabbed his phone and called Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall. Then I grabbed Taylor's phone and called everyone on the list expect for her parents she still had them in her contact list she had no other family is what I thought then I saw a contact labeled Sissy:) Sierra and I called it she said she's come as fast as she could. I drove to the hospital as fast as I could being as stable as I could be. 


I was sitting in my living room and then my phone rang I saw it was Taylor we never talked. We had gotten into a huge fight 3 years ago so we didn't talk in less it was absoultly nessary, I thought it was urgent so I answered it and It wasn't Taylor it was her boyfriends mom. She said she needed me in London as soon as possible Taylor had been shot and so had Harry. As soon as we hung up I ran to my room and packed my stuff and grabbed a cab to the airport and bought a Ticket to London. After about a 5 hour flight i finally arrived in London and called my sisters number Harry's mom answered it again and then I drove to the hospital they were at. I got there and asked what room she was in. 

Hello how may I help you" the lady at the front desk asked

" I need to know what room Taylor Adams is in?" 

Room 134"

" Ok thank you" with that I went to the elevator when I got to the room I saw my sister laying there helplessly she had been shot in the side but she was going to make it she hadn't lost much blood then I figured out harry's room was next door room 135. I walked next door and saw Harry's mom grabbing her sons hand whispering to him I knocked on the door she opened it " hi" " hey do you know what happened' No actually thats the only thing i don't know It had something to with a other guy and Taylor and Harry trying to save her" oh " I walked out of the room thats when I knew Harry was the perfect for my sister. I walked back into Taylor's room pulled up a chair and grabbed her hand" Hey sis I don't know if you can her me but if you can listen up I'm sorry for everything I wish you would wake up so we talk we never do and I miss you please wake up."

Taylor's POV

I was somewhere I didn't know where it was dark pitch black then my life flashed before my eyes flashbacks and then pictures Sierra, Harry, Mom, Dad, Anne, Reagan, Nichole, Paige, and someone I hadn't thought about in a while Shayla. Then I heard a voice  Hey sis I don't know if you can her me but if you can listen up I'm sorry for everything I wish you would wake up so we talk we never do and I miss you please wake up." It was my sister I started fighting the dark I tried as hard as I could then I woke up " its fine" my sister was turned around when I said it she turned around exited and relived " I missed you" " you too'" I'm sorry she said " NO i'm sorry lets not fight again . agreed" we both said then I remembered Harry " wheres Harry?" Next door" she said "

Harry's POV

I was fighting the darkness then everybody flashed before my eyes mum, dad, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Gemma, and then   Taylor no not her I fought the darkness and Then I woke up to the sight of my mum. " where's Taylor" She next door" Can I see her" Ya let me get a nurse" she came back with a nurse and we went next door I saw Taylor Laying there Talking to a girl one I hadn't met before" hey" HARRY" she hugged me " who is this I whispered in her ear refering to the girl i had never met" Harry this is my older sister Sierra" I gave her a friendly hug and then I kissed Taylor passionatly which almost turned into a make out session until her sister yelled out" NO PDA IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM 134 OR 135." we both laughed with that I went back to my room and fell asleep I barley even bothered to talk to the guys nor did Taylor with her friends

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