Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


23. Court


It was the day of the court and everybody was stressing Harry and Alyssa walked into the court room first was Alyssa's case and she had one of the best Lawyers she could find in London. She walked up to the stand did whatever they told her too raised her right hand and soon she was called up to the box( witness stand) " So Mrs. Reed correct" Yes sir" Ok so how did you know Mr. Lawson" well he was my Ex-boyfriend" Ok" Who broke up with who" I  broke up with him" why?" He wanted me for sex that was it" I see" when did you run Into Mr. Lawson?" On Harry and I's First date September 3rd 2013" Ok well how did Mr. Lawson Harm you the first time mrs.Reed" she took a deep breath tears brimming in her eyes" Harry walked me home and I opened the door Brayden or Mr. Lawson Grabbed me while I saw my parents in a chair I screamed Harry came back inside because he clearly heard me scream Brayden stabbed my leg and Slit my parents throat I hit my head and suffered from amnesia for some time" Alyssa stated tears running down her cheeks" and the second" the Prosecution asked  " He sent his twin brother Logan Lawson and he shot Harry and I both but Logan Lawson is now dead from when the police came in and shot him" He nodded " and lastly the third " He kidnapped Harry and I He woke me up by exploring my body with his filthy hands which I did not like I let him take me so he wouldn't hurt Harry. At some point Harry got out of the ropes and found a gun he found the room Brayden had took me to Harry Shot him in the leg swiped me up and we ran to survive:" he nodded Harry said the exazt same thing in his view though. They were both found Not guilty as soon as that was said Harry, Alyssa, Louis,Liam,Niall,Zayn,Gemma,Sierra,Anne, Reagan,Nichole, and Paige grop hugged and walked out Happy"

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