Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


6. BRAYDEN!!!!!!

Taylor's POV

I woke up in a hotel remembering what had happened the night before I smiled to my self and turned to Harry and his emerald green eyes popped open " hey beautiful" he said" morning" I got up and took a shower and before I got in there was a knock on the door I opened it to Harry " what?" " can I take a shower with you it'll save lots and lots of water" he a smirk on his face " sure" I pulled him in by his wrist and we got undressed then we took a hot shower he washed my hair and I washed his and so forth. When we got out I unlocked my phone 10 missed calls and 15 text messages " where are you" " are you OK  "we're worried about call us" oh shit my parents" HARRY WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!!!" "why" he walked into the room shirtless 

Harry's POV

" HARRY WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW" Taylor yelled from the other room I walked in with out a shirt on she just stared at me " why" I asked again because my parents have texted and called me all night she showed her phone. "OH FUCK YOUR DADS GOING TO HAVE MY HEAD". I slipped on my jacket and my pants from last night she put on her heals and gathered her things and we ran to the car and sped off to her house and I walked her to the door she opened it and walked in I walked down to the drive way and then I heard a scream I ran back to her door step and opened her door and I saw her parents tied up to a chairs and then I saw Brayden Taylor's ex-boyfriend he had a knife to her neck he saw me and pulled her closer she looked at me with a look that said " please help me , but don't get hurt. then he stabbed her in the leg she fell to the ground I ran over to her then he grabbed the knife again a cut her parents throat then came after me. I kicked the knife out of his hand and it went flying and then I called the cops as fast as I could and within 2 minutes they were there they took Taylor to the hospital, but her parents were dead. I got into the ambulance with her and we went to the hospital when we got there they took her to emergency surgery. I waited in the waiting room for about 5 minutes and then remembered Nichole, Reagan, and Paige and the guys I called then within 10 minutes they were all here we waited in the area for what seemed like forever then the doctor and he had no expression on his face. "are you here for Taylor Jones" " yes I said standing up " Is she Ok" " Yes sir she will be fine she is still asleep from anesthesia you may go in and see her if you like one at a time please I went first I ran to her side a grabbed her hand a started to sob when my time was up a walked out still sobbing. After everyone went I went back in Isqeezed her hand and said " come on wake up" I guess she heard me with that her eyes started to flutter open.     


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