Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


18. Arrested!! and set ups ??


I was sitting in the kitchen and someone rang the door bell. I got up and answered the door there sttod an cop. " hello how may I help you sir?" I asked him" I'm Officer Jones do you know where Harry Styles and Taylor Adams is? " Justa Moment please." he nodded I ran upstairs and got Harry " whats wrong babe?" Uh theres a cop at the door looking for us"OH come on lets go" we ran downstairs and opened the door " sorry for the wait may I ask what the problem is?" Harry asked the man " Uh Mr. Styles shot someone and Mrs. Adams left the crime seen also did Mr. Styles" So um are you Harry Styles and Taylor Adams" we nodded our heads " well I'm sorry but you two are arrested for leaving a crime sceane and atempt of murder" He grabbed Harry's hands first and handcuffed them by now I was freaking out he sat Harry in the police car then he did the same to me but I think Harry's cuffs were tighter. He sat me in the same car with Harry. I was crying they obviosly didn't know the whole story about Brayen and what we've been through with him. I sat in the car silent with me leaning on Harry's shoulder silenty crying. I was litteraly freaking out know, and Harry was whispering calming things in my ear but it wasn't helping we were in the back of a cop car handcuffed. We eventually got there and was booked ( fingerprints, mugshots,etc.). Then we finally got our 1st and only phone call I called Sierra and Harry called his mom. Then we got interveiwed " so tell me what happened" the officer asked me " well you see Brayden and I used to date then I broke up with him because he only wanted me for sex. Then I met Harry we went on a date and ran into Brayden him and Harry got into a fight once Brayden found out we were dating he kidnapped my paarents he stabbed me in the leg and I lost my memory and then he murdered my parents by cutting their throat, and then he sent his twin brother Logan to murder me and Harry scince he didn't, but we were saved by you people we were still shot though but didn't lose much blood and the most recent one was 2 days ago we were in bed but I woke up by his hands exploring my body" I paused letting out tears at this point" He was going to hurt both of us but I let him rape me because I didn't want Harry hurt Harry broke out of his ropes and found a gun he found the room that Brayden took me in he shot Brayden in the side and grabbed me and ran off" he nodded still writing notes in the file " ok you can go" he got up and took me to the bench Harry was sitting at, and handcuffed me to it. Then he took Harry to the room and then I saw Anne come in she saw me and ran over to me " wheres Harry" it the interveiw room were both being arrested I left a crime scence and so did he but he also shot someone so attempt of murder" an officer came up " Mam you might not want to talk to this juvenile dilequent" he spoke staring daggers at me " uh I beleive I would considering she's my son's boyfriend"oh my bad mam" Uh may I ask why is it so bad that they left the crime scene" its a fedral offense even if she was dying and needed to go to a hospital she still would be arrseted" oh well then may I ask if they have lawyers" uh no they did not ask for or call one" did you read her rights to her" no we assumed she knew them" well I didn't" I spoke up.


" uh how did you know mr. Lawson" Well he has murdered my girlfriends parents and used to date my girlfriend, and has raped my girlfriend and kidnapped both of us" oh I see" he said as he jotted some stuff down in his journal "now tell me what happened before you shot him" well I woke up in a unfimaliar room and I saw Brayden or Mr. Lawson he had his filthy hands all over my girlfriends body she woke up and he had her have sex with him so he wouldn't hurt me i got my ropes untied and found a gun i found the room they were i  grabbed Taylor shot him and ran off to keep her safe" ok we ave made a desion on if your going to prison or not today im not sure about next week at court but you can go for today be at the courthouse next week " i nodded at what he said we went outside he unlocked Taylor's handcuffs. She looked at him confused ":your free to go for today but you have to be at court next week to decide if your going to prison for 10 years or more" she nodded and we headed out the door with my mom she had hired lawyers for both of us and Sierra was going to be here tommarow, but of course she would run off again and leave her 17 year old sister all alone unless she had a new life here but I was pretty sure she already had one in Norway, but if she didn't I was thinking we could set her up with Zayn well we will see.

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