Float on

After going through many heartbreaks Ashley thought she finally found the one. The one person who made the world move for her, she never thought that someone who seemed to make the sun burn brighter for her was secretly draining it out. She knew dating him would only bring trouble, but she just couldn't resist. She never expected for the curly haired boy would change her life for better or for worse.


2. Chapter 2.

                                                                           ***Two Weeks Later***

      Ashley's POV

      My once so happy friends were now silently suffering, for the sake of me. They were such good friends to put up with his shit, but I was blinded by his looks to let go.

"Hey babe." Harry kissed me on the cheek, sitting down next to me. The tension at our table increased, no one wanted to make eye contact with him, it made them easy targets. I turned over to look at Tiffany who was awkwardly munching on her food.

"So why didn't you text me back last night?" I asked, taking a sip from my water.

     Tiffany's POV


                             I sat in the corner of my room, the razor in my hand. My phone that was on the table next to went off, signaling I had a text message. I squinted through my tears, making sense of the words on the screen. The message was from Ashley...I sobbed harder. She reminded me of him, the one who has driven me to do this. If she was a real friend then she would dump him, she knows how he affects us. Or maybe I'm the bad friend, Harry really puts a smile on her face, and most guys can't do that. She is a bit of a slut in my opinion, involved with so many guys. She claims she can just see the good in everyone and that's why she has been involved with so many of the male kind but I can see through her lies.

                          Harry's words echoed through my head. 'Fat ass', 'Why don't you go and cut yourself', 'You know Ashley will choose you over me anytime.' His last sentence was true, she seemed to pick him over me...over everyone, even over herself. My heart felt like a pin cushion, each one of his words stabbing another wound in my already broken heart. I looked down at my bare thighs, I couldn't cut on my wrists, that would be to obvious, plus people are starting to notice my scars. Tears landed in my open cuts as I relieved myself, gasping at the pain. Once I was finished I opened my sore eyes to see the damage. 'Fat' was carved into my flesh, fresh blood trickled down my leg. I hugged myself as I laid myself on the cold hard floor, crying myself to sleep.

                                                                         *****End Of Flashback*****

"Hello? Are you going to answer?" Ashly waved her hand I front of my face, bringing me grasping me out of my thoughts

"Uhh yea sorry. Umm my phone died and I didn't feel like charging it...you know how I am." I chuckled, attempting to smile.

"Oh okay." She smiled also, I knew she could tell I was lying, I just prayed she wouldn't call me out.

      Ashley's POV

                            I glanced over at Niall who was laughing as Lexi told him a joke. His eyes wondered over to mine making eye contact, his smile faded a bit, but quickly picked back up as he focused again on Lexi. We haven't talked much since that night that I tried to kiss him. I wasn't sure if he was angry with me, or he would just rather spare the awkwardness. Either way, it hurt to be ignored. I mean I'm perfectly happy with Harry, in fact as happy as I have ever been, but the thought of us not being close anymore cut deep within me. I wish Liam were here, he would understand, he always did. But I pushed him away to, and for that I feel like a bad person.


      Liam and I sat on the swings, the breeze swayed us a bit. I looked down at the ground, thinking of how I should tell him, of how he would react. Something happened along time ago with him and Harry, but he would never tell me. He said it was to painful to talk about, which was odd. We told each other everything, I couldn't imagine anything he wouldn't want to tell me. I stared at my shadow, biting my lip, building up courage.

"Uhh Liam....I have to tell you something." I looked up at him.

"What's on your mind?" He turned his body a bit, so he was looking at me better. I gulped before answering.

"I'm dating Harry..." I said with forced bravery, his face turned from emotionless to hurt. He squinted at me for a moment, as if trying to read my mind.

"I think I should go now...." He hopped off the swing, leaving me alone. The one person I had left, just turned there back on me, I thought he was on my side no matter what. I have lost many of my friends thanks to Harry.....but losing Liam was something I never thought would happen, that I never wanted to happen.

                                                                                                               *Pssssttt want to know a secret? This is based off a true story....it's my story. Which I can guarantee you was the worst year of my life. -.-*



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