Float on

After going through many heartbreaks Ashley thought she finally found the one. The one person who made the world move for her, she never thought that someone who seemed to make the sun burn brighter for her was secretly draining it out. She knew dating him would only bring trouble, but she just couldn't resist. She never expected for the curly haired boy would change her life for better or for worse.


1. Chapter 1.

      Ashley's POV

                             I was laying on the hood of the car, my hands behind my head to make a sort of cushion, staring at the stars.

"Hey Niall can I ask you a question?" I took a glance over at him before returning my gaze back to the balls of light that twinkled.


"How did your mom die?" I held my breathe after asking, I knew it was a touchy subject, but we had been friends for a while now and it just felt like the right time. But I had my doubts, Harry once said a 'yo mama' in front of Niall and he went crazy, leaving Harry with a black eye. There was a long pause before Niall sighed, giving into my question.

"She....had heart....problems.." Niall didn't look at me, just kept staring up above, lost in deep thought.

"Oh.." I wasn't completely satisfied with his answer but I didn't dare ask any more questions, I didn't want to up set him.

"Well I better head home..." I slid off the hood off the car, dusting off my trousers.

"I'll walk you there." He smiled at me, sliding off the hood as well.

"What about your car?" We both looked beyond the windshield.

"Waste gas, plus it's not that far." He shrugged.
"Seems fair." I gave him a friendly smile.

                     We were walking down the middle of the deserted streets, the lampposts gave it a soft orange glow. The air was moist and misty and either sides of the pavement were surrounded by trees, leaving the air smelling like a fresh spring morning.

"So tell me about your family." Niall said making conversation. I paused for a moment, thinking about what there was to tell. The only sound came from the wind rustling the leaves on the thick trees and crickets chirping.

"Well....there is not really much to tell." I looked down at the ground, dragging my heels.

"Just start from the beginning."

"Well....my mom had me when she was sixteen, and I lived with her for a while....and then BJ came into the picture..." I trailed off, shuddering at his name rolling off my tongue.

"Who is BJ?" Niall asked.

"He is my step dad...or was my step dad....now just a distant memory I guess." My past dawned on me, making me feel uneasy.

"Go on.." He urged, I gulped before continuing.

"Well he used to abuse me....and his son....which was my step brother at the time." I blinked to hold back the tears that were beginning to form, I gently grazed my hip bone, imaging the scar that lay underneath the fabric of my trousers as if they were right under my fingertips. That scar was left by BJ, it reminded me of him,, and my past.

"My mum knew...but she was to scared to go against him. He was constantly drunk and was very violent." Anger now bubbled in my stomach, thinking how my mum just watched me suffer and didn't do anything about it. I took a deep breathe before continuing

"One day I came home from school and walked into my room to find mum sitting on the bed. She had a bag next to her....she handed it to me and said 'run'." I stopped....my memories flooding back and overwhelming me.
"How did you end up here?"

"Well after I had gotten far way from the house I checked to see what was in my bag that mom packed. Luckily she packed my phone which I used to call my grandma. Which is who I live with now."

"I'm sorry....about what you had to go through." He looked up at me, his blue eyes seemed to look straight through me.

"Yea well you know." I smiled, shrugging a bit. That was all in the past...things might have been bad but I'm emotionally stable now. I thought about the several scars scattered over my body, each a train ticket taking me back to tragic memories.

              As we turned into the pathway of my house I started to feel sad, sad that the night was coming to an end. As we reached my door I turned to give Niall a hug. After we pulled away, we stood there for a minute thinking of how to say goodbye. I took advantaged of the time to take notice to all of his features. Without thinking I closed my eyes and leaned into to kiss him, but with nothing touching my lips I opened my eyes. Niall was staring at me blankly......before I could even comment he walked off. Leaving me speechless, embarrassed, and the feeling of being rejected, oh how I dreaded that feeling.

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