Its nice to be forgotten about isn't it

This is just an idea but Lexi Is 16 and her best friend Justin has been scouted by Scooter Braun and moves away suddenly without even a last goodbye leaving Lexi hurt and alone ..does Lexi see him again, will Justin remember her read more to find out ,,

Tell me what you think whether I should write it or not ........


2. When we first met

Hope you guys like this is my first attempt at writing a story on watt pad  so let me know what you think. Lexi is sort of based on me and my personality.

Hey my name is Lexi and I'm 16 years old with brown hair and the colour of my eyes depends because you see the thing is they change , I don't know why but i was born with it . 

And this is my story ..

Around 2 years ago now i had this friend that i had known since I was little , his name was teen pop sensation Justin Bieber We met when I was in the first grade, we were both pretty scared to go into the class at first so the teacher came and talked to us and soon we slowly crept into the classroom. We were still pretty scared so i asked the teacher if I could sit next to Justin and she said"yes of course, its nice to see youve met a friend already Lexi" she smiled. I skipped over to were Justin was sitting all on his own twiddling his thumbs. I nervously sat down beside him, he was quiet. So I decided to start  talking " Hi, I'm Lexi", he slowly lifted his head and quietly replied " I'm Justin" he quickly put his head back down. I looked around the class, I saw lots of kids playing and making friends but none of them seemed to interest  me Except Justin. I heard a small sniffle come from the little boy sitting next to me and I turned around to look at him. He was crying "whats wrong" I asked " no-one wants to play with me "  " I'll play with you" and thats how we became friends then eventually that grew to be best friends to the point were we did everything together. We were never apart until a certain day happened.


Hey guys please read and review and let me know what you think if its good or bad if you liked it if you didn't but please sont be too harsh its my first time writing a fanfic.

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