Its nice to be forgotten about isn't it

This is just an idea but Lexi Is 16 and her best friend Justin has been scouted by Scooter Braun and moves away suddenly without even a last goodbye leaving Lexi hurt and alone ..does Lexi see him again, will Justin remember her read more to find out ,,

Tell me what you think whether I should write it or not ........


3. Chapter two- Oh My God ( Lexi's POV)

Chapter 2- You have got to be kidding me 

lexi's pov

Why was I dreaming of memories i have beeb trying to suppress especially memories that involve JUSTIN DREW BIEBER.,  god i hate that obnoxious self centred asshole. I know your probably wondering like " omg how can you hate that perfection?" And the answer to that question,, because he left me , without so much as a goodbye or and explanation. After everything i did for him! Lexi grab a hold of yourself, i pull back the purple duvet, get out of bed and trudge to the bathroom to take a shower, after my shower i walked to my closet to find an outfit i decided on a pair of blue ripped shorts, a purple tank, a white shrug and some white knee high socks with little ribbons on the sides paired with some cute ankle high heel boots. Right now my hair , i decided on some loose curls , now i don't really want to sound full of myself but i had a pretty good body nice long slightly muscled legs, curves in the right places and long brown hair, after doing my hair i looked out my make up and lightly apply foundation mascara a little blush and some eyeliner before grabbing my keys,iPhone and my iPod and head downstairs to my baby , no i don't have a human baby i was talking about my black 1969 ford  mustang! That my mom had been saving up for since i was like 5. I made my way to my car and started the engine and headed towards school. My school is the same as any other you have the "populars", the losers, band geeks, nerds, you get my point and everyone pretty much sticks to their cliques , and then theirs me friends with a lot of different clique members. I pull my car into a space and make my way over to my little group which entails Mykel, Paul, Christina(Chrissy), Letty, Dominic and Roxy. I pull out my iPod and put an earbud in putting on my favourite playlist of bands, as i start hearing the familiar beat of Kiss Me Again by We Are The In Crowd. Out of the corner of my eye i see a black Range Rover pull into the space next to my car and out steps a boy with chocolaty brown hair, a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, skinny jeans that are tight in all the right places , Damn, i let my eyes travel to his feet and see a pair of purple Supra's. Oh my god no the only person in the world i know that dresses like that is oh god please no , the boy slowly starts to turn round and his ray ban covered eyes look towards me and i see that trademark smile spread across his face..............

There you go chapter two let me know what you think guys thank you 

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