Its nice to be forgotten about isn't it

This is just an idea but Lexi Is 16 and her best friend Justin has been scouted by Scooter Braun and moves away suddenly without even a last goodbye leaving Lexi hurt and alone ..does Lexi see him again, will Justin remember her read more to find out ,,

Tell me what you think whether I should write it or not ........


5. Chapter 4- You have got to be kidding me (contd)- STILL JUSTINS POV

Chapter 4 you have got to be kidding me (contd) 

As i arrive at my destination of the middle of no were aka Toronto, Ontario,Canada, i make my way out the aeroplane and start walking towards the airport and i see a group of girls screaming my name , again. As i got closer i started to see that damn these girls are pretty hot, maybe i will enjoy being home after all if i get to tap that damn! I give all the girls my trademark smirk and wink but keep walking through the airport to my car. Thankfully we got through okay, and my Range Rover was waiting, i threw my bags in the back and got in the driver seat , starting my drive to my grandparents house. Getting to their house no one was home so i let myself in a headed up to my room that was still covered in the Toronto Maple Leaves , better get some sleep since i start school tomorrow, oh yeah i forgot scooter was also making me go and finish school. 
I climb into my tiny bed and drift off to sleep.

The next day my alarm went off at 6:30 am and i had to get up for school, i climbed out of my bed rubbing my eyes as i headed for the shower, i turned the shower on a stepped inside letting the hot water wake me up i stepped out the shower and wrap a towel around my waist and head to my suitcase. I pull out boxers, my black leather jacket, my white t-shirt and my black skinnies that are tight in all the right places and my trademark Supra's and pull my clothes on , i grab my keys, wallet and phone and head for my car, i start driving to Stratford High School were I'm going to be bred for the next year, i drive in and park my car next to a gorgeous black mustang. I turn off the engine and step out my car. I look around at all the different cliques and groups , i slowly turn around and see a hot girl checking me out , i start to check her out white knee highs, tan legs, blue short shorts, a purple tank my favourite colour, a white cover up, the most gorgeous lips that were curved into a little o i reach her eyes and give her my trademark smile and wink. Her eyes give me a death glare the words if looks could kill suddenly runs through my head. How could she not fall for the wink and smile? That works on everyone. My thoughts are interrupted by the bell ringing and i see her swiftly turn around and head for class. I swear i will find out who this girl is and why she gave me that glare. 

Hope you like guys !! 

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