Its nice to be forgotten about isn't it

This is just an idea but Lexi Is 16 and her best friend Justin has been scouted by Scooter Braun and moves away suddenly without even a last goodbye leaving Lexi hurt and alone ..does Lexi see him again, will Justin remember her read more to find out ,,

Tell me what you think whether I should write it or not ........


4. Chapter 3 - You Have Got To Be Kidding Me ( JUSTINS POV)

Chapter 3 - You Have Got To Be kidding Me - 

Justin's POV 

I put my phone down and get up out of bed and adjust my boxer shorts, i walk towards the shower and turn on the hot water, i step in and let the hot water wake me up. I get out the shower and wrap a towel around my waist and head into my room. I go to my closet and pull out a grey hoody, black tee and grey skinny jeans with my black Supra's, i go to my bathroom mirror and start to blow dry my hair and gel it into a perfect quiff. I go to my bedside table and grab my keys, wallet and phone , i head downstairs to the front door. I got into my black range rover and head to Starbucks to get a coffee before the meeting at scooters, i step out o my car and start walking to the store and after about 2 minutes of walking i am bombarded with flashes and fans, oh god go away i don't want to sign any stupid autographs! God go away with the flashes god damn ! I keep walking and go into the store to order my  coffee. After i order my coffee 
I head to the car , finally those damn paparazzi and annoying fans are gone. I get in my car and sip my coffee, i start the engine and head to the office, as i get to the office i see a pretty hot girl behind the desk hmm, i might just get her number, i give her my trademark smile and wink and head to the elevator , i hear a small giggle as the doors close and i press the top floor, sipping my coffee i hear that stupid elevator music playing in my ears , oh god get me out of here. The elevator groans to a stop and the doors open, i step out and walk towards scooters office and walk straight  in. He's sitting promptly behind his desk as though expecting me to walk through the door. 

"Yo JB" he greeted me 

" whats up can you get to the point cause i got something i gotta do" i grunt and sit down 

" i guess i'll just skip to it then. Justin you have changed, for the worst, your not that modest, shy, excited little boy that ran up to scooter when i told you not to, your not that kid anymore Justin and i know you have to grow up but you don't care about your fans anymore , you forget they're the ones that got you here no body else without your fans your nothing" he was right i didn't care about my fans anymore 

"So? Ive changed so what" 

"So what ?! Heres what your going home to stay with your grandparents and your going to go to school till yiu change your act" 

" you have got to be kidding me , go back to being a nobody  in the middle of no where!!" I roared and stormed out of the office 

So here i am sitting on the plane going back to Ontario,Canada 

Tell me whatcha think guys, do we like nasty justin it will get better i promise

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