Lunar Colony

Maya a regular girl survives a super nova forced on a spaceship to a earth like planet called kepler 22b becomes friends with a robot from who knows where and falls in love with one and only surviving one direction. Maya also has to defeat all the huntsmen [slaves from earth]. Also has to steal the rock of faith from the evil alien master to wish that the supernova never exploded.


3. There Goes Truth


            I was using the x pod that Cadence gave me.I think I am gettin the hang of it.  The I went outside for some fresh air and I saw Zayn with an alien. '' Okay Master xscal.'' Zayn said. Wait xscal is the evil alien master! And Zayn is with him?! ''Zayn.'' I said. Then Zayn saw me like he could see through my soul. Then I stormed into the hut and into my room.''Wait Maya come back.'' Zayn yelled.


            Zayn"s pov

            ''hahahaha.'' xscal laughed. ''Wait what was this part of your plan.'' I yelled. ''Indeed and yet this is the start, I intend to break you two apart therefore because love is the for greatest power. So if you two both love each other and wish for the rock of faith you two will get it.'' xscal said.''So you were not going to help us at all!'' I exclaimed. ''NO why would I!'' Then xscal flashed out."I knew I could not trust him, MAYA!'' I exclaimed. Then I realized I was in a secret dungeon.This cant be happening I need Maya not only for the rock but her love. I need her now.


Maya's pov


sorry for short chapter i gotta do homework

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