Lunar Colony

Maya a regular girl survives a super nova forced on a spaceship to a earth like planet called kepler 22b becomes friends with a robot from who knows where and falls in love with one and only surviving one direction. Maya also has to defeat all the huntsmen [slaves from earth]. Also has to steal the rock of faith from the evil alien master to wish that the supernova never exploded.


2. Can You Be The One


          As I was by the water Zayn walked up to me he was talking and explaining why we are on this planet then I understood him more than Cadence.Then we started talking after hours there was a moment of silence then I fell asleep on his shoulder.

    Zayn's pov

         She fell asleep on my shoulder so I to the hut and placed her on the bed. She looked so peaceful.'' Zayn... Zayn....ZZZAAAYYYNNN.''Liam screamed. ''HUUh what I....I..I wasn't staring what your crazy.'' I said instantly. ''Okay.'' Liam said.

Well I had to go to sleep because of Liam.

Maya's pov

When I woke up it was morning on a bed then I walked into the kitchen the boys where eating and Cadence was using his x pod.then it was three weeks later.''So which one of you carried me on to the bed again.'' I said ''Zaayynn what did you do.'' Niall said. ''What I just carried her to her bed.'' Zayn said blushing. '' I am going to get fresh water.'' I said ''I come with you.'' Zayn said while grabbing my wrist. Then on the way to get water I tripped '' Are you okay.'' Zayn said. '' I'm fine.'' I said. Then we stared at each other then before I knew it he kissed me. ''I am sorry'' Zayn said. ''Its fine.'' I said. ''So do you want to be my girlfriend.'' ''Yess 

I'd love to .

Then that day was the happiest day of my life.

Then we came back.''Were is the water?'' Niall said. ''I have mine but I don't know where Zayn's''. I said '' oops I forgot the water.'' He said.  Then we had lettuce. The only Earth food in Kepler.Then we went to bed.

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