Over Again


Charlotte and Harry's relationship started out rough. The first three months was hard for them, filled with drama. There was a lot of bumps in the road, and obstacles along the way. But they figured out their problems, and got over it. Can they forgive and forget their past, and start it all over again?

Sequel to 'Forgive and Forget'.


30. Chapter 30:

Harry's P.O.V:


After a while longer, the concert finished. Charlotte still had the biggest smile ever on her face, ad I was really happy for her. Of course I wasn't annoyed or jealous at Justin, because he had actually planned this all and before the show, he asked me if it was fine to do all this. Obviously I agreed, because I knew that it would make her so happy.

"You did absolutely amazing tonight, well done!" We all congratulated Justin as he came of stage with the crowd still screaming for him. He smiled at us all and thanked us for all the support.

"Harry, you're not angry, are you?" Charlotte asked, too quiet for anyone else to hear. I knew what she was talking about, but of course I wasn't angry.

"Angry about what, love?" I asked, pretending to be oblivious to what she meant.

"This..." She said in a small voice, gesturing to the flowers and crown. She thought I was angry that Justin had picked her for the One Less Lonely Girl. What she didn't know was that Justin had actually arranged all this, he had asked me if he could pick her.

"Babe, of course I'm not angry. Actually, Justin had planned all of this; he had planned for you to be the One Less Lonely Girl. I'm not angry, because he already asked me about this before the show. Of course I let him, because I knew it would make you really happy." I whispered. She looked at me in shock, and I wasn't sure if she was happy or not.

After a moment, a massive grin appeared on Charlotte's face. She ran over to Justin and pulled him into a massive hug, which he willingly accepted. I was happy that she was happy, so I didn't actually mind. They stayed there for a while, before pulling away. Charlotte still ha massive smile on her face, and Justin was smiling too.

​"Thank you so much, Justin. This really means a lot to me, thank you." She whispered to him, thanking him repeatedly. Tears of joy began rolling down her cheeks again. He smiled at her and pulled her into another hug, wiping away a few of the tears.

"No problem, babe." He replied. After a few moments, they pulled apart and Charlotte returned to my side. I put an arm around her waist and smiled down at her. She quickly gave me a peck on the lips before turning back to face the others.

​She smirked when she saw Louis and Tia sitting next to each other on the sofa - quite close, I might add - and talking and laughing together.

Charlotte nudged me and pointed at them. I chuckled and shook my head, knowing exactly what she meant. She wanted to set Louis and Tia up, but I don't think they needed our help.

"Babe, just leave them alone. By the looks of it, they won't need us to set them up anyway. They're getting pretty close without our help." I tried to talk with a serious voice, but I couldn't. The two of them were getting close, and it was quite cute actually. Charlotte pouted, but laughed and gave in anyway.

"I guess it would happen in it's own time." She sighed, still staring at the pair of them.

"Maybe, but I thought you said Tia lived in America?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. Charlotte frowned, she obviously didn't think of that.

"I don't know. But we'll make it work somehow." She smirked. I rolled my eyes at her, leaning down to kiss her softly.




"Justin, we really have to go now. We have to be in France by 11:00pm, it's almost 9:00pm ." A man said to Justin. We were all at the airport, saying our final goodbyes to him. Everyone was here; Me, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis, Charlotte, Perrie, Danielle, Rosie and Tia. A lot of attention was being drawn to our group, but none of us really minded.

We all said our individual goodbyes to Justin, the boys and I doing our handshake with him and the girls hugging him.

"It was nice having you here bro, make sure you come back soon." I grinned.

"Yeah sure, see you soon Harry." He replied, smiling back at me before moving on to Charlotte. He pulled her into a tight hug, they hugged each other or longer than he hugged all of the other girls.

"Thank you so much, Justin. Thank you for everything you've done for me in the past few days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.." I heard Charlotte whisper to him.

"I've told you, it's fine. You don't need to keep thanking me. Hey, keep in touch, okay?" He replied, as he took her phone and programmed his number into it. Charlotte looked at him in shock, confused as to why he would give her his phone number. They had only just met, and he was one of the most famous celebrities in the world, so I would be shocked too, if I was her.

Justin just chuckled, kissing her cheek before saying one final goodbye to the group of us and turning to walk away, and catch his plane.

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