Over Again


Charlotte and Harry's relationship started out rough. The first three months was hard for them, filled with drama. There was a lot of bumps in the road, and obstacles along the way. But they figured out their problems, and got over it. Can they forgive and forget their past, and start it all over again?

Sequel to 'Forgive and Forget'.


2. Chapter 2:

Charlotte's P.O.V:

Zayn and I decided to walk to starbucks to get some drinks, as we had nothing else to do. As we walked, we just talked about random things and laughing at how stupid we both were.

The walk was only about five minutes, and we soon arrived there. As we entered the shop, zayn and I were mobbed by a lot of fans and paparazzi. I sighed, knowing that I had to get used to all of this now, being photographed everywhere we go.

Zayn quickly asked me if it was okay for him to go sign a few things and take a few pictures with fans. Of course I said yes, I try my best to make the fans like me and if I said no then they would just hate me even more than they already did.

Whilst zayn was busy with a few fans, some girls came over and started insulting me. They said things like 'bitch' and 'whore'. I had grown used to this. Harry had announced in an interview a few months ago that he was the father of my baby, and I had received more hate ever since.

"Just ignore them." Zayn whispered softly, as he grabbed my hand and we walked out of the shop together. I smiled appreciatively, and we walked the rest of the way in a comfortable silence.

We entered the building before we stepped into the elevator together and went back up to the apartment where the boys were waiting. When we walked through the door, I saw harry's annoyed and angry expression which made me burst out laughing again.

I walked over to the sofa and sat down next to harry, still laughing at him. I tried to cuddle up to him, but he just pushed me away. I frowned, realising that he thought zayn and I were being serious earlier.

"Babeee?" I mumbled, taking his hand in mine. He pulled it away, huffing. I sighed and rolled my eyes, he was taking this whole thing way too seriously.
"Harrry? C'mon talk to me!" I whispered, grabbing his hand again and not letting him pull it away.

"Go talk to zaynie!" Harry mocked. I rolled my eyes again.
"Harry, you really think I was being serious? Everyone else understood that we were acting." I gestured to the other boys and rosie, and they all agreed. Harry sighed as he thought about something.

"It didn't look like you were acting..." He grumbled.
"Zayn? Tell him please?" I asked, and zayn nodded.
"Harry mate, it was just acting. I would never steal your girl, no matter who they are, you know that. Besides, I love charlotte, but she's like my little sister. Nothing more, I swear." Zayn explained, smiling at me.

Harry let out another long sigh before giving in. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I smiled at zayn and mouthed 'thank you', and he just smiled and winked. I cuddled into harry, enjoying the warmth of his body.

"I'm sorry. We might have taken it a bit far, but I swear there was nothing going on between us." I whispered to harry, when everyone else was talking about something on the tv. Nobody was listening to us anymore, so we could talk.

"It's okay." Harry pushed the subject away, but I didn't quite believe him. If you haven't noticed, harry gets jealous a lot.

"I love you, only you. I always will love you harry. Don't forget that, ever. You're mine." I whispered, before I pressed my lips to his and we shared a sweet, loving kiss. He pulled away for a moment, resting his forehead against mine.

"I love you too. Forever and always." He smiled as we gazed into each other's eyes lovingly, before our lips touched again. But before the kiss could go any further, louis interrupted our moment.

"If you love birds are quite done there, we're going to watch a movie! And danielle and perrie are coming over in two hours!" He announced, before bouncing out of the room and into the kitchen. He came back five minutes later, with some large bowls of popcorn.

Louis sat on the sofa beside me, with harry on my other side. I laid my head in his lap, and placed my feet in louis' lap. He smiled and rolled his eyes. I saw a mischievous glint in his eyes, and before I knew it he began tickling my feet.

"LOUUUIS! STOP! STOP IT LOU!" I squealed loudly. Louis just laughed as he continued to tickle me. I screamed and harry pounced at louis, stopping him from tickling me. They rolled around on the floor play-fighting, harry eventually winning.

He grinned, obviously proud of himself for beating louis, as he got up and sat back down beside me. He put his arm around me, but I moved it for a second so I could help louis off of the floor.

"Thanks love." He smiled, kissing my cheek and sitting down beside me. I felt harry's body tense up beside me when louis kissed me, and I rolled my eyes at his jealousy. I turned to face him and caught his lips in an unexpected kiss.

He froze for a moment, but soon relaxing and kissing back gently. There was no roughness in the kiss, it wasn't deep and passionate. There were no tounges involved, just soft lips. It was gentle and soft, our lips barely touching.

"I told you like five minutes ago that I loved you and only you. Do I have to kiss you every time you get jealous over one of your friends kissing me?" He grinned and nodded cheekily. I rolled my eyes as I rested my head in his lap again, the movie just starting.

Although, I wasn't taking any notice of the movie. I was busy getting lost in the dazzling green eyes of the beautiful boy above me.

I was so lucky to call him my boyfriend, I was truly blessed.

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