Over Again


Charlotte and Harry's relationship started out rough. The first three months was hard for them, filled with drama. There was a lot of bumps in the road, and obstacles along the way. But they figured out their problems, and got over it. Can they forgive and forget their past, and start it all over again?

Sequel to 'Forgive and Forget'.


15. Chapter 15:

Charlotte's P.O.V:


"Okay, yeah, I'll ask her. Bye Gem, bye mum! Love you both!" Harry said into the phone before hanging up, as he walked back into the room. He sat back down on the sofa beside me, and put his arm around my shoulders.

I must admit, I had been slightly worried about who he was talking to on the phone. Louis had told me that it was probably nothing bad, just a normal phone call. It had made me a bit curious when his face had lit up, when his phone rang.

I was relieved when he walked back into the room and I realised that he was talking to his mum and his sister, Gemma. No wonder he was so happy, he hasn't seen his family for ages and he must have been missing them a lot. I had never met them, but I knew that Harry had a great relationship with his family.

I wish I had the same relationship with my parents, but unfortunately I don't. Our relationship will never be the same again, i don't want to see them or have anything do with them ever again. They don't love me anymore and i have lost all y love for them too. They are dead to me now.

"Hey, um Charlotte? Well I was speaking to my mum and Gemma, and... Um, they... Well..." Harry stuttered. I raised an eyebrow at him, having no idea as to what he was going to say. He was having trouble speaking and saying whatever he was trying to say, and I was getting a little bit impatient.

"Spit it out Harry!" Louis muttered, as he shoved popcorn into his mouth. We had started to watch a film when Harry was on the phone, but we were not paying attention to it anymore. We were more interested in what Harry was going to say, and why he had so much trouble trying to say it.

"Well, my family really want to meet you, Charlotte. Will you come back to Holmes Chapel with me, in a couple of days? I'm going to stay there with my family for about a week, and come home before Liam's birthday. Would you like to come?" Harry asked nervously.

"Of course I would love to meet your family Harry! But what if they hate me? What if they don't think I'm good enough for you? What if they judge me because I'm pregnant at 19 years old? What if they think I'm ugly and you could do better?" I asked a load of questions worriedly.

"Relax babe, they won't hate you. They definitely won't judge you, you're basically family now. They already love you, and they haven't even met you yet. They won't think you're ugly, absolutely not. My mum said that she's seen the pictures of you and she thinks you're beautiful." Harry calmed me.

"Thanks, I guess that helps a little. But how do they already love me, like you said, they haven't even met me yet?" I asked, slightly confused. Harry blushed slightly but covered it, and Louis chuckled.

"I may have told my family about you... I may have talked to them about you a bit.." Harry admitted shyly. I smiled at how cute he was, blushing a little it too.

"A little bit?" Louis scoffed. Harry shot him a glare, he got the message and shut up.

"So, you're going to come with me, aren't you?" Harry asked, biting his lip. I smiled and nodded.

"Sure, when are we leaving?" I questioned.

"Saturday." He replied. It was Thursday today, so we were leaving in two days. Tomorrow we were going to be hanging out with Justin, so I would have to pack my stuff now because we wouldn't have any time.

"Okay, I'm going to pack in a minute." I announced.

"Same." Harry agreed, as he grabbed some of the popcorn and shoved it into his mouth.

We finished watching the movie, I had to make another bowl of popcorn because the boys were eating it all themselves.

"Um, Charlotte?" Harry whispered. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows, telling him to continue.

"Um, well... When will I get to meet your family?" Wow, that question was unexpected. I flinched back at the memory of my family. My parents... No, I plan on never seeing them again. So Harry can't meet them. I looked over at Louis, desperate for him to help me on this one.

Luckily, Louis has heard our conversation and quickly interrupted.

"You don't ever get to meet them. EVER." Louis yelled, emphasising the 'ever'. His voice bitter and angry, not towards Harry but towards my parents. Louis was a little bit overprotective, and he sometimes took his anger out on everyone else. Now he was taking it out on Harry, eve though he hasn't done anything wrong.

"Why not?" Harry raised his eyebrows at Louis.

"Because, you can't." Louis growled.

"I don't think I was talking to you in the first place. I believe I was talking to Charlotte." Harry hissed back at him.

"Harry, please... Just listen to him, you can't meet my parents..." I pleaded. Harry just gave me a look, and shook his head. I had never told Harry about my parents wanting me to get an abortion, because the subject never came up and I didn't want to worry him.

"Why? Why should I listen to him? I deserve to know why I can't meet my girlfriend's parents, don't I? What are you hiding from me Charlotte? And why does Louis know, and not me?" Harry yelled. I moved away from him, sitting closer to Louis. He pulled me into his chest, hugging me protectively into his body.

"We're not hiding anything from you, Harry. I just don't want to talk about it to anyone.." I whispered, a tear escaping my eye. I wiped it away quickly.

"You told Louis though! Why can't you tell me?" He shouted.

"I didn't tell him..." I cried.

"So, your telling me that he just read your mind or something?" Harry sneered. "Stop lying to me, Charlotte! Just tell me why I can't meet your parents!"

I didn't want to worry him, but I knew he wouldn't give up on this one.

"I give up with you Harry! Why can't you just trust me? Did you even think that it might hurt for me to talk about? Well, it does. You don't realise that, because you're just thinking about yourself. You think that I don't want you to meet my parents because I'm ashamed of you or something, don't you? Well it's not like that!" I screamed.

I stormed out of the room, not wanting to hear what Harry had to say. I ran into our room, falling onto the bed. I sighed, not wanting to cry again. I heard Louis and Harry fighting and shouting at each other. Louis was defending me, and telling Harry exactly what I told him. They were being very loud, so it was hard for me not to hear what they were saying.

"Why don't you trust her? She's your girlfriend Harry, she has a perfectly good explanation for this but it just hurts her to talk about it!" Louis hissed.

"How do you know? How do you know about this, if it hurts her to talk about it? Why did she tell you and not me? Doesn't she trust me?" Harry screamed.

"Harry, she didn't tell me. She already said that, believe her." Louis muttered, trying to stay calm.

"Why are you all lying to me? I deserve to know!" Harry was obviously getting very angry now, their voices much louder than before. The other boys must have all heard, as their apartments were all on the same floor as ours. Liam's was to the right of ours, Zayn's was on the left and Niall and Rosie's apartment was next to Liam's.

"Fine. I give up. Do you really want to know why Charlotte doesn't want you to meet her parents?" Louis asked. He paused for a moment, and Harry must have nodded because Louis continued to speak.

"It's because her parents want the baby aborted. When you were on the plane to New York, Charlotte's mum called her. She told her that she wanted the baby aborted. Charlotte didn't want that, she wanted to keep it. We told her that. And so her mum basically told her that she didn't love her, calling her a lot of horrible names. Charlotte doesn't want to see her ever again."


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