Over Again


Charlotte and Harry's relationship started out rough. The first three months was hard for them, filled with drama. There was a lot of bumps in the road, and obstacles along the way. But they figured out their problems, and got over it. Can they forgive and forget their past, and start it all over again?

Sequel to 'Forgive and Forget'.


13. Chapter 13:

Harry's P.O.V:

"How long does it take a girl to get ready? I seriously don't understand what takes them so long!" I complained, as I waited for Charlotte to get ready for our date. It was 6:15, so she had fifteen minutes left to get ready.

"I know, man. It's like, they're just getting dressed and doing their hair and putting a bit of make-up on. How long does that take? They don't even need the make-up. They're naturally beautiful." Liam commented.

I quickly agreed with his statement. I had always thought that Charlotte looked beautiful without any make-up on, I always told her that. But for some reason, she didn't believe me and she thought she looked ugly without it. I really don't understand why she thinks this.

I looked down at my watch, getting a little bit impatient as Charlotte had been getting ready for forty minutes now. Can you blame me? I just wanted to take her out on a date, I couldn't wait. We needed some alone time, something we hasn't got a lot of for a while.

"Justin, do you have a girl?" Zayn randomly asked, looking up from his phone. Justin shook his head.

"Nah, I've been a bit busy lately with the tour and everything. But luckily, I finish I about two weeks so I'll have more time for girls." Justin replied.

"Oh, cool." Zayn replied, smiling and looking back down at his phone, before typing something. He was up to something, and judging by the question he asked Justin, I guessed that he was trying to set him up with someone.

I looked at him and raised my eyebrows. He knew that I was aware of what e was trying to do, but he just shrugged and smiled back at me innocently. I rolled my eyes at him, I had to tell him of about this later. He can't just set Justin up with someone.

"Yay! We can be single together!" Louis cheered, high-fiving Justin. He laughed.

"Why don't you get yourself a girl Louis?" Niall asked. Louis shrugged, his mood suddenly dropping. He looked at the floor and didn't look up. I knew Louis felt really left out, being the only one in the band without a girlfriend.

I tried to find him a girlfriend, but he told me that he doesn't want to just be set up with some random girl. He says that true love will come naturally, it doesn't need to be forced. Unfortunately, he hadn't found that true love yet.

There was an awkward silence in the room, everyone waiting for Louis to tell them why he didn't have a girlfriend. I was the only one that knew, not even the other boys knew. I knew Louis didn't want to tell them, he didn't really want to tell me but I forced it out of him.

Luckily, Perrie walked into the room before Louis could answer the question. I heard him let out a sigh of relief as Perrie started to speak, and the boys all turned their attention to her.

"Introducing, the beautiful Charlotte Wright!!!" She clapped. The door of our bedroom opened, and Charlotte stepped out with Danielle and Rosie on either side of her, holding her hands.

I took in a sharp breath as I caught a glimpse of her beautiful image. She looked absolutely beautiful, to say the least. I stood there shocked, unable to process how stunning my girlfriend looked. I didn't move from where I was standing, just staring at her perfectness.

The boys obviously thought the same as me, as there were whistles from behind me. I began to get slightly nervous, what if another guy stole her from me? She looked amazing, I wouldn't be surprised if the boys were all other her tonight.

Louis, sending my nervousness, stepped forward to talk to Charlotte.
"You look absolutely beautiful Charlotte, love! I'm jealous of Harry now, that lucky bastard gets to take you out and call you his girlfriend!" Louis joked, making Charlotte giggle at him.

The other boys began to compliment her too, including Justin. I stood there, just watching them and unable to actually do anything or speak. Sure, Charlotte looked beautiful every day of the week. But this was different, she looked ever more beautiful than normal. If that was even possible.

She was wearing a strapless white lace trim dress, that I had seen her wear a few times before. It was fairly short, but not extremely. Her hair was in perfect curls at the sides and straight at the back. She didn't have much make-up on, but it didn't matter. Like Liam had said before, she didn't need it.

Charlotte caught me staring at her, and looked at the floor nervously. She played with the hem of her dress, obviously thinking that I didn't think she looked good. Of course I do, but she's very self-concious. My opinion really mattered to her because I'm her boyfriend.

Charlotte stood there, still nervously playing with her dress. Probably regretting wearing it, because she thought I didn't like it. Her baby bump was showing a bit, but that didn't stop her from being able to look like a beauty queen, and managing to take my breath away all the time.

I was snapped back to reality when Louis nudged me in the rib. I winced in pain, but moved forward to talk to Charlotte nonetheless. I grinned widely at her, hiding my nervousness. Hers was clearly visible, she made no attempt to hide it.

"Charlotte... You look absolutely perfect... You just look so beautiful it's unreal... I'm speechless..." I stuttered. She smiled a little bit, her nerves easing slightly as I complimented her looks.

Shall we go, princess?" I smiled, wrapping an arm around her waist protectively. She smiled and nodded.

"Of course, Prince Charming." She grinned, winking. I chuckled at her nickname for me.

"Bring her back by midnight! Or you'll have to deal with me, mister!" Louis shouted at Harry, pretending to be like Charlotte's father. Everyone laughed at his little act.

"Seriously though Styles, make sure you bring her back by midnight!" Dani warned. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Bye everyone!" Charlotte waved goodbye to them all.

"Bye! Have fun!" They chorused.

"But not too much fun!" Louis yelled and winked, before we stepped out of the door.

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