stole my heart

18 year old Sam is nobody. she is an only child. her mam abuses her, her dad passed friends. doesn't have a job, dose 6 form. when 5 special boys of her age join her school?


16. the most amazing realtionship ever

"I'd love to." hooray for Sam! you're finally happy! woohoo! we shared a passionate kiss and lied down staring at the stars again for another five minutes.

"does this mean you're my girlfriend now?" Niall asked. aww how cute!

"haha I'm pretty sure it does!" I smiled. Niall got out his phone and took a photo of us.

"what are you doing?" I asked, curious.

"you'll see" he replied, winking at me. suddenly my phone vibrated signalling I had a mention in twitter. 'Niall_horan: everyone meet my lovely girlfriend, @ sam_carr, be n

ice! attached was the photo we took. he is the most amazing person ever. we kissed again and left to go back home.

everyone at school was suddenly nice to me and one was bullying me anymore. the boys and I sat under the same tree every day and we had the weirdest conversations about everything and nothing. I would have to say Zayn is my favrioute boy. apart from Niall of course! Zayn is just so caring and funny and he really understands me. he's also quiet at times like me, so we get along very well.

Niall and I have an amazing relationship. we've been going out for about a week now, and every time he gets the chance, he tells me how  beautiful or how I'm the best thing in his life. every time I look at him, I forget about my dad, or how my mam abused me. SHIT! MY MAM! does she even know where I am? I wonder if she got angry with the school because I wasn't staying at home. what am I thinking? she's probably Happy that I'm gone. oh well, I'm happy I'm gone too. so everyone wins.

Niall and I are sitting on his bed playing SNAP! and he's won like 100 times. it's not my fault I've never played before! we got bored of the game so we just lied down on his bed and talking about anything and everything.

"so like, shouldn't you be touring or something?" I was asking him about his band.

"well, not yet. we're currently in the process of writing our songs and the we need to record them and THEN we can tour." he replied

"sounds like fun! I'll miss you lots though" I only just realised that he would be going on tours and stuff without me.

"I'll miss you too. but that's not for a long time. so lets just enjoy now." he kissed me on the lips and I kissed back. we had mentally agreed to not go all the way until I was ready. he's so caring! I wish I had some kind parents to take him home to on day.

"oh shit! I'm going to be late for work!" I yelled looking at the clock. I got dressed in record-breaking time and ran off, not forgetting to kiss Niall on the way out. since I met Niall and the boys, Cass has been nothing but supportive. every time I would get overly excited and we would talk about everything Niall ever said to me, in full detail. Cass was the only person that has liked me for me and not for Niall's girlfriend so its a relief to know that I can talk to her about him. she's still a fan, so this is all so surreal for her.

"hello beautiful" Niall said, kissing me on the lips. Niall had agreed to pick me up from work to get some food and to meet Cass. I had told him about her when we were talking about how I had no friends, except for her.

"hi Niall. you remember me telling you about Cass right? well, this is her!" I said, introducing to two of them.

"of course! nice to meet you Cass, I'm Niall." " I... um... hi" was all she could manage. poor Cass, she's so star-struck by my celebrity boyfriend. they chatted for a while and he signed a spare chip packet that was lying around for her. Niall ordered his food and we left.

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