stole my heart

18 year old Sam is nobody. she is an only child. her mam abuses her, her dad passed friends. doesn't have a job, dose 6 form. when 5 special boys of her age join her school?


19. the first date

Sam's pov

it was late afternoon and I finally got home from a tiring dance lesson. then I remembered the text from Niall. I ran to his room and looked for the small cupboard. I opened it and inside was the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. it was black and had lace at the top and was flowing out at the bottom. it came with a beautiful pair of red heels and a red clutch. I decided to match it with some red lipstick and painted my nails red. I put on some basic make up, a whole lot of mascara, and some light eye shadow.

I almost started crying over how beautiful I felt when suddenly I heard the front door open and close.

"Sam? are you in here?" Zayn knocked on the bedroom door.

"yeah, what's happening now?"

"Niall's already waiting for you at your secret destination so if you're ready, lets go and I'll drive you there." I grabbed my clutch and left the room. Zayn's jaw dropped and I started blushing.

"you... you... you look amazing Sam. Niall's a very lucky boy." OMG seriously? I was already blushing enough; dose he just want to add to that?

"thank you. so where are we going?"

"that's for me to know and for you to find out soon." ugh. I hate surprises. you never know if you're going to like it or not. but I trust Zayn and Niall, so it must be good.

as I was leaving, I said a quick goodbye to the others. they all had the same reaction as Zayn; jaw dropped and blush-worthy compliments

when we got in the car, Zayn told me that it would only be a short drive. eventually we arrived at a park. Zayn stopped the car, got out, and opened the door for me. I saw Niall sitting on one if the swings so I thanked Zayn and walked up to him.

"you did this for me?" I asked about picnic laid out for two. on the grass was a picnic blanket and food. there were also a few candles, a single rose, and a portable music player.

"oh Sam, I didn't see you there. wow, you look absolutely amazing. that's nothing new though." omg, again with the blushing. this boy doesn't stop does he?!

"thanks Niall. you didn't have to buy me a dress though!" I can only imagine how expensive a dress, a pair of heels and a clutch is together.

"only the best for my princess." this is just about the best moment in my life. we sat down and ate pizza and drank alcohol, talked about almost everything and kissed just as much. we also fed each other chocolate covered strawberries and walked along the sand of a nearby beach, hand in hand. this was the most amazing night of my life; I never want this to end.

we walked back to the park and Niall put his IPhone into the music player, we slow danced to calm music and danced like 5 year olds to pop music. it was the most fun I've ever had, and it was still very romantic at the same time. eventually we got tired and sat on the swings, swinging lightly.

"Niall, you are the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'm not saying that because of all the effort you put into our first date, but because you made me realise that I can be happy. I don't need kind parents, I don't need to be popular, I just need you,"


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