stole my heart

18 year old Sam is nobody. she is an only child. her mam abuses her, her dad passed friends. doesn't have a job, dose 6 form. when 5 special boys of her age join her school?


20. Niall and i

"I just want to make sure you feel like you're still worth something, even tho your dad's gone and your mam did the horrible things she did, your still worth something. you're worth my love." he came off the swing and we kissed passionately. everything he just said mad perfect sense. even if my family doesn't want me, Niall does. that's good enough for me. maybe after this term, I can live with him, I know I'm only 17 but my mam isn't a proper parent and she wouldn't care if I moved.

Niall and I decided it was time to leave so we got in his car, which wasn't far away, and drove back to his house. when we got home, the boys were flooding us with questions; "how was it?" Harry asked

"did she like the dress?" that was Zayn, I'm guessing Niall got his opinion on it.

"did you guys kiss?" Liam rhetorically questioned, while making kissing sounds. I honestly don't know why people think he's the most mature.

"it was better than perfect Harry. I absolutely LOVED the dress Zayn. and of course we kissed Liam. oh, where's Louis?"

"oh he's out with some girl he met called Eleanor. she seems really nice, maybe something will come out of it. I just hope he's safe, its getting pretty dark outside." ok... maybe Liam WAS the most mature. 

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