stole my heart

18 year old Sam is nobody. she is an only child. her mam abuses her, her dad passed friends. doesn't have a job, dose 6 form. when 5 special boys of her age join her school?


3. i just served The Niall Horan

yay Emily's here my! my friend, Cassidy, yells from the other side of the shop. we share a shift on Sunday's and Wednesday's and she's my only friend in the whole world.

hey cass! how are you? I ask as I run up to her and give her a hug.

you know me. I'm always good! she says. we both start laughing.

we chat for the whole time until one of us has to go order someone's food. I was talking to cass when a guy about my age comes up to the counter to order. He's wearing sunglasses and a beanie to cover his blonde hair

hello and welcome to McDonald's. what would you like to order? I ask in the kindest voice I could use.

um can I have 5 medium quarter pounder meals with coke? the rather cute now that I can ee him close up - boy asks.

sure, that'll be £15 I say.

he hands me the money and I hand him his receipt and food, wow he dose eat a lot for such a small guy. 

thank you, have a nice day! I say.

thanks. he replied in a friendly tone. ask he walks away I start to notice that blonde hair from somewhere. then it hits me.

hey cass I think that was Niall! I say, excitedly.

Niall who? she replies raising an eyebrow.

Niall Horan! I whisper, so I wouldn't bring attention to me

OMG REALLY?! how do you know? she asks, rather exited now, cass is a directioner as well but I'm way more of one than her.

The hair! I say. I could recognise his hair! and he ordered for 5 people! if only I said something earlier. now he's probably gone forever. I say, becoming disappointed in myself.  

aww babe, cheer up. at least you can say you served Niall horan at MacDonald's! cass says, trying to cheer me up. it works because in a matter of seconds, I put on a smile and continue with the day.

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