stole my heart

18 year old Sam is nobody. she is an only child. her mam abuses her, her dad passed friends. doesn't have a job, dose 6 form. when 5 special boys of her age join her school?


10. a new home

the rest of the day was pretty good, Sam had lots of fun. Sam and Niall had become really close by the end of the day. "Sam, please report to the principle's office immediately!" a teacher announced. Sam gathered her things, got up, and walked out of the classroom.

Sam's pov

"nice to see you Sam. how has your day been? are the boys settling in well?" Mr Wilson greeted.

"yes. everything's great! the boys are fitting in perfectly."

"that's good to hear. now you're probably wondering why I called you here so I'm just going to get straight to it. I forgot to mention to you yesterday that as part of one direction's welcoming, you will be staying at their house for the rest of term. I have been told that they are all staying in the same house because of their band arrangement so there will be no need to alternate between houses. I tried to call your mother to notify her about this but no one seems to be home." Mr Wilson informed me. I cant believe it! first knowing one direction, not living with one direction! my life  just keeps getting better.

"because no one has answered the phone, you will have to go back to your own house tonight and pack all your uniform and some clothes. I'm sure the boys have a washing machine and a dryer in their house so there will be no need to boy clothes. now because this is very sudden and you are doing this against your will, I will be giving you £200 for the term to spend WISELY on food and any other necessities. the boys already know about this so they have arranged a bed for you. any questions?"

"no sir. Thanks you sir." I replied.

I enter history class and return to my seat with the boys. they are all smiling cheekily at me and Harrys' failing at hiding a laugh.

"why are you all smiling like that?! I ask, cautious about my every move

"next time you shouldn't leave your phone unlocked in your pencil case." Louis says with a smirk on his face. oh god, what have they done? I check my phone and see that my background has been changed to a picture of the five of them.

"we put our numbers in your phone too "Harry says winking at me. I check my phone and see that they have indeed put all their numbers in. as I'm scrolling through my contacts, I notice that Niall's contact name is "sex god Niall" while the others are just Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis.

"really Niall?" I say, showing him my phone.

"don't change it please!" Niall pleads sticking his bottom lip out in a pout

"I wont" I say, smiling at him. "oh by the way, u was just told that I had to stay at your house all term. this should be interesting!" I say, smiling. "I have to go back to mine this afternoon though because I don't have any of my stuff!.

"I'll drive you there and we can pick your stuff up and go straight to ours if you want?" Zayn offers.

"that would be great" thank you." just then the bell rang signalling the end of the day.

"lets go before we get mobbed again!" Harry said, running out the door with us all following him.

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